Is Autism tied with creative ability?

A general pattern I have seen is that the better the artist writer or musician the more likely it is they have some form of low functioning autism and or ADHD. I can definitely say its true for me personally because am probably more creatively driven and one of those guys who entire fictionally universes and ocs in there head but doesnt actually have practical art abilities so its kinda just in limbo. But I was just wondering if there was a study linking the two

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my cock is tied with the ability to cream.
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many highly-creative people are autists but very few autists are highly-creative people

Autism is tied with not being a conformist sheep

I'm have HFA, can't do art

yes it is im diagnosed autistic and have a creative talent moreso than nearly most people i know with normal jobs
im the misunderstood artist archetype. constantly fuck up social interactions, extremely harsh on myself, even my most loved ones pick on me when theyre angry. but always inspired to make art and creatively solve issues/make things look good
ill never have a job and will always be different from others hahah fuck this life hahahah

Sounds like there aren't many highly-crooative people

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>Sounds like there aren't many
there aren't

try going to

Thank you user well be heading to art bord next

no problem. an art a day keeps the autism outbursts away

Then why do so many autists love the same things (MLP, Sonic, Touhou, etc.) Especially around here it feels like the autists come off an assembly line and that normies, being the only ones with real life experiences, are the true PCs.

It has become trendy, unfortunately. They are larping

I seriously think people overestimate the willingness of others to pretend to have mental illness. You and I know there are uncreative spergs obsessed with trivial pop-culture in overwhelming numbers compared to handful of super-autists with high iIQ and niche taste. I happen to be good friends with one of the latter, and he's a whole different species from the losers on this board.

>neih hou everyone. fellow autist here. every day is a struggle. look how autistic i am. i did it first

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>A general pattern I have seen is that the better the artist writer or musician the more likely it is they have some form of low functioning autism
>it is they have some form of low functioning autism
>low functioning autism

>While low-functioning autism has never been an official diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association, it was a classification in the DSM-4 to refer to someone with autism who has an intellectual disability (an IQ of 69 or below)

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I have never once observed this behavior in the wild. The only place I see tons of people excusing their personal flaws with autism is...well, Any Forums itself.

Ok, remember that's your opinion

The way I see it being tied is that autists tend to be outcasts and thus have more time and opportunity to appreciate and engage with art

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No, I'd rather not, thank you.