Have you ever asked to do something lewd or weird with your sister

Have you ever asked to do something lewd or weird with your sister

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She offered me actually, in exchange for money.


when i was in 6th grade my sister would let me put my face on her butt. she also peed in my hands at the pool
i don't even remember why she stopped, but it was shortly after we moved. i guess it was because she got new friends and joined track and field
we've never done anything after and she has never alluded to her remembering it. it is really only weird in hindsight i guess

>parents cut sister off for failing out of college
>she doesn't give much a shit, but she does have student debt they won't help her with now
>tries to get me to pay for it
>I'm willing to help her but not that much
>she gets desperate enough to offer sexual favors
>get some handjobs and fooling around to help at first
>bargain a bit for something more meaningful
>she agrees to sex if I'll take care of her debts entirely, and she can move in with me for the duration

Every step of the way was her pressuring for more and more. Not because she wanted it but I guess she felt that was a good and easy enough arrangement in exchange for easy living.

So did you accept?
Did finding out that your sister a whore a big dissapoint to you?

I did, it lasted awhile.

Honestly I wasn't even that into it or enjoyed it, just some better incentive to wageslave for when there was some pussy waiting at home compared to not. I was surprised and disgusted by her and the situation at first, but I think it just made me see/understand who she really was.

>just some better incentive to wageslave for when there was some pussy waiting at home compared to not.
Yeah but the only reason you had to wageslave is because the piece of meat attached to that pussy (a.k.a yo sista) accrued debts which you were paying.

Yes but she didn't take it seriously so I came to find it easy to not take seriously either. Not the debt, but the situation at least.

How attractive was she 1-10?
Why did she choose you instead of just getting some random simp/beta to pay for it, or open an onlyfans or do prostitution/stripping?

Eh maybe like a 6-7, but to me she's my sister so I didn't find her attractive at all.

This was before onlyfans. She did try to find a bf or simps to pay for her but couldn't lock one down so turned to me. She also only resorted to sex as a last resort with me, tried all other ways of begging and guilting first.

>you should take from the lyrical stylings of MandoPony and AcousticBrony, they are so poetic!

British scum is once again trying to spread brony propaganda, confirmed by his other stealth MLP threads also on the catalog with similar filenames as well as other brony content hidden in them as well which are hidden gifs such as this one.

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you would get beaten up

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And bled into pain

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It breaks you to a cold death

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And it would also bleed you out

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So the killing begins

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And the violence starts

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Your pain is gonna be happening

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Your supposed new world will be shattered

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So that you would only die

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i never asked directly, no

And all your beliefs as well

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Your demented thoughts die with you

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They should not live on

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Since they are products of retarded minds

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And should not be followed

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Lest more destruction happens

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Which you clearly want it to

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despite it being destructive

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Considering who you call your target

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But it would not go down in glory

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It would merely end in your elimination

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As well as those who follow you

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You will end up in graves

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And all locked in coffins

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That is where you will decay

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And cease to live

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You should have ceased to live before

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But it never really happened

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Even though it should have

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Considering your intent

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