How often do you take Benadryl, Unisom, or Nyquil for sleep assistance?

How often do you take Benadryl, Unisom, or Nyquil for sleep assistance?

about to take some unisom

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Man I learned about people abusing Benadryl the other day and it's fucking terrifying. Just take that shit as instructed and leave it there for the love of God

yes, that is what this thread is about. Using benadryl, unisom, or nyquil as a sleep aid.

Taking diphenhydramine chronically will probably give you Alzheimer's. You should take low dose melatonin instead

You don't know how deep it goes.

for sleeping? rarely, it doesn't work all that well.

also never buy the brand-name shit, it costs extra for the same chemical, just buy drugstore-brand diphenhydramine. it's usually cheaper as a sleep aid than as an allergy or nausea medicine.

I'm perfectly well aware about the dangers of taking megadoses of DPH I don't give a shit that's not the purpose of this thread

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unisom works incredibly well for me. have you tried doxylamine succinate before?

it will leave you incredibly drowsy in the morning if you take a full pill so I generally cut it in half

diphenhydramine is shit
doxylamine is the best otc sleep aid!
unisom isn't diphenhydramine!

>doxylamine is the best otc sleep aid!
totally agree, do you cut the pills in half too? how often do you take it?

melatonin is dangerous too btw.
check this out -

I don't think using any of these sleep supplements is actually safe. The long term effects of fucking with the body's sleep biology isn't well understood.

The alternative, however - not sleeping - is FAR worse in the short term. Chronic insomnia needs to be dealt with and these pills are effective.

Real unisom leaves me tired the whole next day. It is the best for otc sleep aids though. Benadryl makes me angry

Fuck you, OP this is now a deliriant thread.
Now, exactly how many pills (in multiples of ten) are you willing to take?

>taking megadoses of DPH
I said chronically. Chronically means over a long period of time. Normal doses of DPH are still associated with dementia. I'm never using anticholinergics again just because of how terrified I am of dementia.
This is also an anticholinergic

>Normal doses of DPH are still associated with dementia
isn't the actual proof for this quite low?
like there's one paper that shows a very small increase in dementia?

>check this out
That's an overdose. Everything is dangerous in overdose. Melatonin is significantly safer than anticholinergics in chronic administration and in overdose.

>very small increase in dementia
It's a lot more of a potential association than I'm comfortable with. Dementia is one of the worst things that can happen to you, even if the risk is small I'm not fucking with it. Switching from DPH to melatonin or chamomile or whatever is easy.

that study is referring to SSRI use in addition to antihistamine use... I agree with you that prolonged use of any antihistamine is probably not healthy, but I don't think occasionally popping a unisom is really that dangerous.

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>recent studies have shown

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man I wish there was hard data on how harmful it actually is to use unisom ocasionally

They only looked at anti-cholinergic drugs. The anti-depressants they looked at were specifically ones with anti-cholinergic effects.
Most people use sleep aids chronically though, don't they? Taking one occasionally might not be bad, but if you're taking them 3 or 4 times a week I think that's dangerous.

From that study:
"There was nearly a 50% increased odds of dementia associated with total anticholinergic exposure of more than 1095 TSDDs within a 10-year period, which is equivalent to 3 years' daily use of a single strong anticholinergic medication at the minimum effective dose recommended for older people. This observational study has shown associations, but is not able to evaluate causality."
1095 doses over 10 years is taking a dose every third day basically.

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