Avatars in multiplayer games

How do you choose yours?

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I don't have an avatar

Your MySpace avatar then.

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Literally me on the right but with a kemoshota

Stills from movies I like or old photographs I think look cool.

Then you’re an npc or third worlder

let me fix your shit

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usually whatever manga i'm reading at the time, whatever vidya i play at the time etc
i still have friend from 20th century boys on steam, for example, and i have the guy from the c&c cover on discord

forgot pic.

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I like the cute ones.

I draw my own in ms paint

trannies can't be chads

too obviously motivated by actual butthurt to be funny like is.
It's the same problem leftist memes have.

my avatar

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Bottom middle has the exact same hair as me, what the fuck

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I use my real face

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my avatar

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eerily accurate
short on the hair though

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It's this

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Maybe before Strive, not current Bridget

also the nerd would have Kitsuragi

brown hair chads we win again

I just pic my fursona

Unbeliveably based Arino poster

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stay mad

and this isn't?