WoLong Demo

Anybody downloading? Anybody playan?

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Not on PC.

Loads of people playing. Good stuff but a bit janky in co op.

Also, invasions are possible in the full game. Hope there’s a way to block them.


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Does it still have the Nioh loot spam?

I can't take that shit any more

What's wrong with PC, dear Beavis and Brave Butthead?

Well, Nioh bros? Is it more Niohkinoh?

Yes. But this time…YOU CAN JUMP

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Damn, the game has invasions?

So it’s actually ninja gaiden? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP HOMIE

tranny game

There’s a greyed out option to invade but I don’t know anything else about it.

it's nioh 3
i kinda wanted more arcadey sekiro, but oh well. It plays great
yes, sadly. Not as bad so far but it's still there

No. You can’t juggle enemies in the air as far as I know.

It keeps fucking crashing for me

No. I hate chink shit and chink culture.

Series S?

>still loot
WHY. It's not like they're GaaS shit.

>>jumping added
Very based. 11/10.

No, on the Series X.

Where can you play the demo? Ain't showing up in the PS5 store.

Crashes on both Xboxes

>ps5/xbox series only again
going to be another unoptimized disaster like stranger of paradise
prepare for beards with 14 trillion triangles bringing your gpu to its knees

Sounds like Sum Ting Wong with Wo Long

Nevermind found it

Game crashes after the tutorial, what do

They already fixed that in SoP keep up, son.

this. damn OP giving me hope

Shit is fun as hell
Any high level gameplay yet?

dilate tranny

>Shit is fun as hell
>Any high level gameplay yet?

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Is the item system still as shitty as in nioh?

This and BOTW2 were my most hyped 2023 games but I lost all interest in Wo Long after TN got woke. Is it better than Nioh 2?

Can you name your ancient Chinese warrior?

I want to name him sum young gai

>Is the item system still as shitty as in nioh?

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For me it’s bang ding ow

Is it on PS4

Yep, it's not that bad, but it's still there
It's better than nioh 2


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No, but you can choose your pronouns

>better than nioh 2
That’s some high praise, nigga

Figure type and personal pronoun shit nuke japan and america

>its literally nioh 3 but China pandering
Easy skip, Ronin will mog this garbage.