Enemies can steal your items

>Enemies can steal your items

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How would a bear pay for things?

With golden eggs

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With bearer bonds


>didn't cut in line
>only took one
>didn't knock over the stand
>gently opened door to leave
damn, he's more polite than a nigger

Damn, it's even brown too.

hes just taking the bear necessities


I can bearly believe this webm, where do they kumap with this stuff??

>enemies can evolve

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Dumb bear getting some aluminium wrapped garbage when there were perfectly fine bananas right above it

Yeah, brown.
A black bear would have knocked over three displays, took a shit on the floor, and had a heart attack and died on the counter because the coolers turned on.


fucking kek

the bear unwraps it and licks it.

underrated post

bananas are unbearable


Bears are really cool. I wish we could communicate that we don't want to hurt them or their young more easily.

>team mates can help you collect loot

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Was gonna say.

>enemies are aggressive

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