Post your gamer room!

post your gamer room!

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no ventilation

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*opens door*

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>some dude knocks up your mom

>pregnant twice with different dudes
>husband hangs out in a shed playing video games all day

bad ending for everyone

Having a second kid and have to give up my "office".
I'm considering just fixing up the second floor in the garage into a gamer hub.

Is it really such a cuck status?

Compensation for raising another man's child

I still don't understand, that still leaves an extra room

There is nothing wrong with wanting your own personal space.

>Not sending the cuck child to live in the shed instead
Why do some men just absolutely suck at step-dadding?

It's not the kids fault.

fucking amerishart education

> It's not the kids fault
You don’t know that

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>yeah bro my new kid arrived and we just gave her some shed outside the house to live in

>husband and wife and new baby to watch
>step kid's own room
>game room


I recognize that naked man lifting bunker.

wow you must really like apple juice

Why do you need so much olive oil

Why not make the kids share a room?
I used to live with my sibling until I was 13 when he moved out

So you can get your clotshot while you BING and WAHOO.

If it's a baby it's annoying for the sibling because it may cry all night

>ESL cant read

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this is my ideal setup but without the wife/kid. i basically just want to live in a luxury box far away from everything

Average white supremacist

pure sovl

That Rarity pool pic is a certified hood classic

they both sterilize you, basically the same thing
I didn't notice all of the political shit on the shelf beforehand, it bewilders me how people who live like this think they have the right to any sort of opinion

alright i'll be that psy op monkey

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>cuck is also a cryptobro
Like pottery

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>Pride flag
Bro, really.

>they both sterilize you
2 more weeks

What pride flag is that?

Didn't see it at first. It's even worse because at least npcs didn't know what they were injecting in their blood during the beginning of the scamdemic. A guy going for a vasectomy knows what he's doing.

>mancave is full of games shit instead of power tools and workbenches
>knock up wife
>"so she took the game room"
Implying it wasn't a natural decision that both parties came to because of course you'd use the extra bedroom as your new kid's room? Such a weird way of wording that post, but I guess what can you expect from a redditor who plays games as a hobby


>Bro just leave the door open in winter lol
Bitch pls

No. You should want your own space where you don't have to keep your volume down/off just to avoid waking up your kid or wife in the middle of the night.

oh lmfao you just reminded me that flag got dumped in my room 2 years ago. it's the kurdish flag. it used to be in my brothers room but i don't know why it's in my room now lol