What's your gaming posture?

What's your gaming posture?

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I usually sit upright, but I'm sometimes too tired and listen to music to relax, so I sit down a little slack.

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Mate, that used to be my posture when I was younger (like 14-24)

My back is all sorts of fucked up now. I have trouble sleeping with how bad it is and I feel a numbness in my arms, legs and fingers pretty regularly.

Quit while you're ahead. Don't follow my path.

literally me on the left
i noticed i do that exact pose when im driving too

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How am I supposed to see the bottom of my monitor then?

currently sitting like this while playing vidya

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How? I can't stop I CANT STOP

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I feel personally attacked by this picture
>back starts to hurt so bad I'm forced to sit straight
>pain goes away
>go back to slouching almost immediately

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This shit really makes me consider some sort of lying setup, but then again I don't get up often enough as it is

Hi, manlytears

Have you considered not being retarded?

I'm a belly Gamer

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This is why playing console on your couch is superior to PC gaming. It's a leisure activity, embrace comfort. But for real, you can still use a powerful PC just plug it into a TV (or buy a comfy chair plus ottoman) and get a controller.

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Me on the bottom

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