Invaluable utility

>Invaluable utility.
>Highest self heal in the game.
>Able to carry more items than any other class.
>Highest dps move in the entire game.
>Has a pet that outputs as much damage as a regular max level player character.


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also takes a fuckload of WORK to level.

>Completely nonviable to play as on anything but private servers
Have you ever tried to farm mats on official with a hundred philipino monkeys in the same spot?


Maple Story Mobile

Undoubtedly the most fun class to main just for the sheer versatility, assuming you're playing on a server with stat/skill resets.

>*oneshots your gay merchant class*

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If you like being a mindless zombie that does nothing all day but farm mats just to be able to use your bests skill, sure.

>blades on their feet
>has zero kicking skills in the game
What were they thinking


Pretty sure Gravity balanced the class around the expectation that nobody would be autistic enough to farm enough bottles to use acid demo as their main skill.

i have fapped to assassin cross so many time. Look at her outfit, look at the pussy, wtf man


bio genicist or something

Problem with it was that you needed like half of the small guild to collect mats for it for it to do anything. If it has unlimited mats it was really strong, but in RO a lot of classes were really strong depending on situation.

tragnarok was never good

How would you know? You couldn't even read when it was in its prime.

>in its prime
And now that you grew up it's no longer good, correct?

pre-renewal is as good as ever game-wise, what's your point?


cross sins are so much fun

>trying to move the goalpost
Just fuck off, zoombot.