Does this mean GPU prices will go down?

Does this mean GPU prices will go down?

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Sorry 600 bucks for midrange is the new normal.
Also I hope you don't need more than 8-10 vram lmao

>vendors willingly lowering their prices after having established people willing to pay current prices


they already are

Hopefully we go back to the days when $200 got you a good midrange GPU that could run anything at mid-high settings.

the merge? What merge?? CHRIS CHAN??

Probably but they are taking advantage of the demand. People who actually play games on gpus do want to upgrade.

>after having established people willing to pay current prices
Who? The miners were willing, but now there is no more mining.

>prices going down
Ya havin' a giggle, mate?

No, Nvidia is manipulating the supply so prices stays the same.

>No carbon negative
ETH sunk itself, also, the GPUS are not just used for Mining user.

zoomer here, I'm starting to feel that I wasn't born in the right generation....
The future is sus no cap

Gamers can't stop consooming and paid over $1k for mid-range. Prices are never coming down my dude. $2k to make a PC no more powerful than a PS5 is the new standard.

Most everyone after boomers were.

There are still enough people who buy them at 2-3 times the price to mine some other shit. Unless all of that cryptoshit dies and Nvidia and co won't be able to sell any cards at all you will see prices going down.

The millennials are probably fine
Plus they got to experience the early internet

Yeah theres a huge surplus of cards the retailers cant sell now so they've been offering increasing price cuts for the past month. Miners are gonna dump even more cards onto the market now too.

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They can still mine the shitcoins.

It is easy to beat the ps5 at $1500 actually more like $1300

Inflation has been a thing since the beginning. Prices never go down. You can get raises by quitting and job hopping. Thats the big difference they never give you a raise now they just want you to quit and find a new job.

Mine at loss given the current energy cost.
I also assume other coins will transition to cheaper methods
The most reasonable thing to do is to dump the stock now before the used market becomes too crowded
Once the 40xx series launches they won't be able to unload it

The MSRP will not go down. What will happen, if the market corrects properly, is all those 1500 cards will sit in warehouses because nobody will fucking pay for then. They will in turn get marked down and savvy buyers will get them at a third after a year or two. There will always be rubes willing to drop 2k on a GeForce Momfucker 90000x, and there will always be scalpers who take advantage of those rubes to sell them for 3k when the manufacturers try to artificially inflate demand with manufacturing scarcity. which we already see many companies doing, like Sony with the ps5. That scarcity is not 100% artificial thanks to chips and logistics problems caused by 2 years of coof, but you can bet companies like Nvidia will push the envelope as hard as they can

What the death of the miner market means is those inflated prices will eventually go down as retailers and holders have to move product to make room for newer stock. Previously, price would go high and STAY high even 2-3 years into a cards lifespan because miners would buy them and rig them up to pan for internet gold. Coin miners are their own flavour of ignorant rube who were willing to make an inflated investment at the promise of return. Hobbiests aren't chasing get rich quick and so will not buy a 5 year old card for 1 year old prices. You had too many useful idiots Previously, but with their newest Ed Edd and Eddy scam defunct nobody has any reason to buy those cards at full msrp several years on, because there's no longer a profit margin to be made.

In short, wait and buy the dip, as with all things Any Forums. Never grab a hot pan.

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>one coin that has long since crashed
No it won't change much

>Does this mean GPU prices will go down?
No because you can still mine Bitcoin.