Wo Long

holy shit i fucking love chinese women

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She doesn't look Chinese at all.

Yeah man, why isn't her skin yellow like piss? Where's her big rabbit teeth? Why does she have two eyes instead of two slits? She looks nothing like my racist Asian caricatures that my right-wing talkshow radio hosts tell me is what real Asians look like!

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>Floaty, jittery NPC animations. The stun animation is basically an elongated freezeframe of the model. The enemies that aren't stunned barely react to sword hits
>Weapons skills were downgraded, are now tied to loot and you can only get 2 with relevant weapons (essentially Dark Souls 3 weapon arts)
>No stances
>No fists
>Type 1/2
>Personal pronouns

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What are their personal pronouns?

I'm sorry user, there is no woman in this game, only Figure "Type 1" and "Type 2".
That's a "Figure Type 2".

fuck off chang
why cant we get normal asian women
why does is always have to be ww2 propaganda movie or literaly white women

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You will never play as female.

You mean chinese type 2.

>OP's picture
>literally white women

I am withholding my (you).

you mean chinese type 2

What are their personal pronouns?

>>OP's picture
>>literally white women

I'm sorry you fucking BIGOT, but OP's pic is not white woman nor normal asian woman nor propaganda woman, it's "Figure Type 2". And it looks like a fantasied version of Figure Type 2 with no specific actual race.

Both FromPozzware and Team Pozzja got hard pozzed, it is over for the gaming industry, I will only pirate games from now on, nobody is getting my money.

I still haven't seen a source for this personal pronouns shit, just a blurry image

I WILL make a tranny and I WILL invade and kill you.

>I WILL make a tranny and I WILL invade you and kill myself

>normal women
>post plastic whores and not fob students at library or bubble tea shop

"normal" model tier women
post something yourself faget

that's kinda funny I might do that too

How's the titties ?