Silksong coming to PlayStation

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>Silksong ever coming out on any platform


God fucking dammit just get the game out on pc everyone else can wait their turn


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sony is paying for timed exclusivity

Silksong is a Switch game first and foremost

How is this news? Did anyone think it wasn't coming out on all systems? Where's the fuckin release date?

Wrong, it's a PC game that's also a multiplat.
Hollow Knight was out first on PC, Silksong is the same, just as a multiplat release.
I will still buy multiple copies of it on PC and Switch however just to support my favorite dev

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Hollow knight
Pc release Nov 2017
Switch release Jul 2018

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this may shock you but Hollow Knight and Silksong are two different games

you mean vaporwave?

November release, I'm calling it.

Oh great, more black caves

It was not officially confirmed.

Wouldn’t it better as Switch or PS5 exclusive?

I replayed the original on PS4 just to get the platinum
I'll honestly get it there, PC has become a chore since I play almost exclusively on my TV these days

>The delay was because SNOY paid them to port it to their console and demanded a same day release as the other platforms
>Silksong has actually been done since May

>make shit up
>get angry about it

tendies were claiming it as a switch exclusive game

Nice try SNOY I'm on to your bullshit

Finally a game to play on this console

To a tendie everything is switch exclusive since they don't play games on any other machine