Wo long demo

How are you guys enjoying the demo? Reminder it's over in 10 days and ignore obvious bait.

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Just beat the demo

Game plays great but if you have any affinity with the parrying system in nioh 1/2 you will curbstomp humanoid enemies.

it has the same thing as sekiro where you can either get stuck in a battle of attrition against a boss slowly whittling away their health or be a gigachad and go combo parry combo parry magic parry combo parry punisher in one single sequence.

it is incredibly easy to just run last enemies towards the boss so it seems the morale system with the flags was made to counter players running away from enemies.


How do you like the controls?

man no one is talking about the demo, does no one on Any Forums have a next gen console

Any Forums has no money but a thread literally just died at 500 posts and there's like 2 up right now that are slowly starting

I have nothing to talk about considering that it crashes within the first few seconds of entering the first level on Xbox Series S and X. It's something that's affecting just about every user according to the demo's reviews on the Microsoft Store.

The tutorial makes the game seem promising, I guess? The parries feel satisfying. The animations are neat. The default female's head is a bit too big though.

It's fucking amazingly good, the deflect system is fucking brilliant. Making it unspammable was a genius move.

There's lot of people talking about it but it's getting drowned out by shitposters derailing. Go figure

Controls feel good and responsive, only thing i did not like is that neutral dodge has you jump backwards which is not ideal when next to a cliff.

Controlle are pretty much nioh but with a much faster player character and the stance button has been replaced by a dedicated magic button.
Magic changes depending on how well you are fighting.

Pretty fun, I liked it.

im already seeing people seethe online about the parry time being too narrow for them

it aint like sekiro where you can spam it.

When you mean you can't spam it what's that like? A 1 second pause or like a CD on the parry?

if you double press parry a dodge comes out. also the window for parrying is very narrow so you truly cannot just mash it.

Basically yo deflect you press circle, but pressing curcle twice in succession gives you a long ass dodge, so you're in a situation whezre you have to time it properly or you'll never deflect and just dodge away.

from what i can tell if you spam parry every parry attempt after the first has a smaller success window with the third attempt already not being possible to connect anymore.

gotta time it with the attack actually hitting you

you can also deflect while holding l1 that way you dont dodge

I can stream the demo and do stuff you wanna see but at the same time I don't wanna tell vee my twitch

The tears are gonna be fucking delicious. Already seeing the journos with the "WHY WO LONG NEEDS AN EASY MODE" headlines.

i'll tell you when i get home from work in 10 hours

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games don't need to cater to subhumans

the "yokai" were a bit uninspired, could tell some of them are yokai from nioh with a different look.

Like how elden ring clearly had enemies with das3 movesets

No that's just guarding and it's really a last resort

Oh, I'll download both of those. Thanks.

the parry timing is as narrow as devil may cry royal guard

Game already has an easy mode. You can summon npcs to help you

user they're literally Chinese mythology creatures

L1 is for guarding yes but if you hold L1 and press circle when enemy attack hits you you parry them without doing a dodge move (its like sekiro parry)

do weapon/armour stats matter a lot? i'm wondering if it's possible to stick to certain gear for aesthetic purposes without being to gimped

>Fat Hand

weapons fall under 5 categories so if you want to use two wildly different ones you gotta level 2 of the 5 stats

I'm not fat lol

No matter what it turns out to be, The Mark of the Conqueror in Nioh is significant.

Before I say why I need to divide the Souls community into two general groups - Conquerors and Conquered - and quickly define both.

Both have basically been around since Demon's Souls, but the very nature of the Conquered demands that the Conquerors come first. Why? Because Conquers beat the path and light the way. Afterward, like mold or a rot, the Conquered seep into the community, ever at the heels of the Conquerors.

How is that? Either by a lack of information upon release or due to a self-imposed restriction, the Conqueror goes in blind. Conquerors embrace the challenge From Software has extended with each release in their Souls/Bloodborne Series while the Conquered abhor it. While Conquerors scratched and clawed their way through levels and boss fights, the Conquered poured over FAQs, Strategy Guides, Wiki Articles, Google Search Results, Let's Plays and How to Videos.

Therefore the Conquered subsist by virtue of the illumination spread over From's games by the Conquerors, entirely dependent on it. Overtime they've let themselves forget this, fancying themselves old hands as they bring their borrowed knowledge and tactics to bear on each successive release.

And then here comes fucking Nioh, reminding the Conquered who they really are. And with little to no documentation in sight they hide behind shitposts so they can cling to that "gud" status they worked so hard to attain. Eventually they'll be back. Once the Conquerors have shown the way, that is.

And that's why The Mark of the Conqueror is significant. No matter how superficial, uselessly cosmetic or quickly outclassed it is, it stills says I'm not No, I'm a Conqueror.

BTW user valkyrie elysium is hot garbage don't bother with it.

So if I understand things right, you can basically attack and then use the L1+O to parry while attacking and switching your weapon to maintain your offense. You don't have to stop every time an enemy is about to attack to press O to deflect. You can keep on attacking, as long as you time your L1+O perfectly to enemy attacks.