Top gamer fuel

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I only eat the ones in the middle, I dont like the rest.

Those are pretty good. I learned to love them cause my grandparents always had one of them in their house.

Anyways, here's my gamerfuel.

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WTF those are the worst ones

Sewing supplies?

Why would I eat a sewing kit?

When will these be banned? fuck lootboxes

I bought one of those because I needed the box, its a really nice box.

Only nice ones they others were fucking nasty.

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Eating sewing needles can and will kill you, don't do it.

The pretzels aren't too bad either, mainly the plain round hard cookies are the ones that sucked.

They're called vaniljekranse.


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lool I've never had the cookies but my whole childhood our needles and thread were in that container

These bring back memory's going to my grannies house in Ireland back in the late 1990s :(


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based, but swap A and B

correct tier list


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I picked up some off brand danish butter cookies after not having them since I was a kid and it was obvious they were made with coconut oil, it was all you could taste. Really ruined my day.

they're all made of the same stuff just in different shapes you know

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