H-game thread

New VHGame

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There's new version?
Violated Princess

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When did this happen?

Is it available in English?

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I expect it

I used jap autotranslator

Huh. Didn't know about this one. Is there much content?

If you have to ask...

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>Dev is responsible for some of the most hardcore shit in OG VH
Not sure if want

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Which genres?

On /hgg2d/ they said you were railroaded into being deflowered and impregnated by a black guy, is this true?

>really weird fetishes that borderline illegal
>women treated like objects
>cringe dialogue
Is there any not incel-ish japanese erotic game?

catgirl best

I'm not touching VHGame until it's got some sizable content and is practically abandoned again. I don't want to get my hopes up for it.

Anyway, I've been playing this the past couple of days. It's pretty good, numerous ways to get cucked, the prostitution stuff is neat, it's lasted a good few faps. Probably the best game out of this circle, but it is too easy and you do have to force yourself to lose.

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No. Fuck off

is that a nigger baby or a monster baby?

Why do you think NTR?

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But surely you'll find better stuff on wegs that isn't cuckshit or incest lmao

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No, the princess had the best selection of scenes.

>cuckshit or incest
still better than weeb pedo shit

I'm currently replaying Ashley the Pirate.

This have any rape?

>pregnancy content still hasn't been topped to this day
I expect big things from VH2

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Theater scene.
Cat wins.

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No, not yet

Theater and the getting caught stealing were her only good ones.

>getting caught stealing

That was the worst one.
Dancing and NTR dude were better.