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A Pray to the Jannies edition
Previous thread: >What is this?
An annual collaboration project where Any Forums sings about video games for a full month, from September 15 through October 15. This is our tenth year of production. The show has just started, so give it your all!

>How do I contribute?
Write something and post it in thread and in the Song Spreadsheet! Or look in the Spreadsheet for something to sing or edit. Album art is always welcome, too! And you can even make videos for the songs that are already made!
Watch this handy how-to if you're new, or just to get a refresher: [YouTube] How to Any Forums The Musical - 2020 Edition (embed)
General Links
>Song Spreadsheet
>Songs that are already done
>Art Folder
>Instrumental database
Contains 4000+ instrumentals made from original studio recordings and 74000+ karaoke tracks.
If you need a song from the database, simply tag your post with [VINST] so we can easily find it

Where can I listen to the songs?
>Web Player
>Latest videos
>Bandcamp with songs from previous years

Upload FLAC files to preferably!

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where is the post explaining who is or isn't banned? Why is this information hidden

I hope you live long enough to watch your grandchildren die.

Two singers are banned, "Jebus" and some person that nobody remembers that doesnt try to come back yearly. Some namefags idk

Anchor for newly written songs: Reply to this post after writing a new song to the thread for visibility! Don't forget to update the spreadsheet with your post!

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Anchor for vocal submissions: Reply to this post after singing a song for thread visibility! Don't forget to update the spreadsheet with your take!

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Posting from last thread. I did the vocals for Come over to /vm/ (Black and Tans parody). Potato mic. Let me know if anything needs rerecorded or if my voice is catshit.

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Anchor for art: Reply to this post after creating for the musical, whether it's album art or a bandcamp banner! Don't forget to upload it to the Google drive!

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So I was thinking, usually it's the host introducing the winner that's different for every Gaymen Song, but what if for this year it's the HOST that was different this year?
I'm thinking the one who introduces the song would do it in a sort of style that lampoons whatever type of host that person happens to be. And I've got a few ideas, but I'd like to pitch the thread to decide which one seems the best.
>"Totally Not Todd Howard" Host (the intro will have some "subtle" hints of asking people to buy Skyrim or something)
>Ta-Any Forums Nasheed Host (the intro will intro will be stereotypically Arab and use Arabic buzzwords, for diversity points)
>The Any Forums Infiltrator Host (the intro will have the announcer go on-and-off on a Jewish accent, only to be revealed at the end to be a Any Forumstard and get booted off the stage)
>Zoomer Host (the intro will be full of zoomer slang words or speak like he’s making a YouTube vlog)
Just take a vote in the strawpoll if you can (2 votes max), I'll be happy to modify the addition of other nu-host ideas if any anons suggest some to me as well:


Anchor for assistance: Trying to find the right words for your song but don't understand how to rhyme? Need help with editing your vocals and don't understand software? Reply to this post to ask for help from fellow anons

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Anchor for group projects: Do you have a person/people committed to a group project, but still need more voices? Reply to this post for visibility to other anons!
Do not use this post to shill your songs if nobody's working on it.
(It is too early to start on the second day, but this was important for the end of last year and consistency is key for when we get along!)

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great, where's the confirmation of this? I don't see it in the IRC or the spreadsheet or the OP or any post that can be verified as official

why is jesus an option

>Any Forums The Musical X
Absolutely cringe. This is the same as playing your Nintendo Switch in public.

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we dont do things like that, newfren. it's been widely known and understood though.

I am back.
If you have a song you want an instrumental for, I can help.
Alternatively, you can torrent RX10 (the software I use), and use the Music Rebalance tool to remove vocals. Just make sure you have a good CPU for it.
Magnet from Rutracker: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7FAD18BD21431107755057AE3E555C3AC1C4FCD5&
Catbox doesn't wanna work with me right now, so I'll upload with instead.

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Because He is the way, the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father except through Him.

Well that's a lie. Last year we had newfags (including totopo and anonika as seen in pic related) go to IRC and ask the cabal for the truth, and they got directly lied to. They were told songs would be on the album and then they just weren't. Pretending things are "widely known and understood" when there is no definitive answer and anons like me have actually no clue what the truth is is just bullshit.

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could anybody do a decent falsetto for the Cracker Island parody?
>36, IRC Chat
i had a femanon friend that said she wanted to do them vocals but she might not turn up

hey, it's a *little* better than playing your Nintendo Switch in public

Farmchads, where you at? The Farmers' Association Choir needs all of you to join the chorus, and I don't want it to just be my vocals singing over another one's three times.

IRC niggers ruined the musical. Honestly, if it's not in a thread it doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned.

fantastic job, no issue with the sound quality!
i've a few nitpicks to address, but i'll put it to the backing and before confirming them!
Put your file in the spreadsheet with whatever name you prefer

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Thanks lads. This is my first musical I'm contributing to and I'm surprised at the apparent lack of organization compared to some certain generals on certain boards.

Thank you for these OP.
Here's a baking tip we use in Any Forums for if anybody wants to do the next ones: Make the new thread about 10-20 posts before bump limit (depending on how fast the thread is moving) and add all anchor posts. Once the bump limit is hit, then post the link to the new one. This way there would be little between OP posts/anchors and the rest of the thread.

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