The future of fighting games

the future of fighting games

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>ripoff feature of a two decades old game (soul calibur 2)
lmao even!

this is shopped right?

>mfw funko pop

I'm fine with it, it looks like they are trying to correct the lack of content that killed launch SF5. There will be things like CaC with fun modes and stage hazards. Fighting game has been broken down and rebuilt from the ground up mid 2010s to appeal to the lowest common denominator. - this game will be popular and more filled with eSports zoomers and less filled with trannies than current GOTY groomer gear - this is actually a step in a nice direction for fgs, returning to Capcom Fighters

>mfw Blanka is pogging

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Blanka looks very happy working as a tourist guide

You just KNOW

Thats funny, i like it

Looks like those pictures of a Japanese guy smiling with a monkey

i seriously dont remember the RE engine being this ugly. what the fuck happened?

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>Blanka looks like a gorilla

I mean it checks out

i'm going to get icredibly more racist fighting these ooky sf6 characters
based & disgusting

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How many times must it be said.
Engine doesn't dictate artstyle unless the engine is extremely shit.

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Street Fighter fans are officially basedjaks kek


Why can't Blanka be cool?

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Why compared to other fighting games do the characters in SF start to become uglier and uglier?

>Blanka looks very happy working as a tourist guide

He even uses his own mascotte in his moves, the green nigga is living his best life

SF5 is the ugliest tho

>muh engine
You have no fucking idea what you're even talking about. Go read at least a Wiki article about it. Holy fuck.

they make the models (especially the female ones) ugly on purpose for (((the message)))
>posts DMC5
(You) especially should know this by now

man, westatroons & ESG scores are just fucking everything up

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>shit fighter
only blind fanboys still like this ruined franchise

At least they made an effort to make Ken look like an American and Blanka look like a Brazilian

you can post all the shitty still you want, the game looks amazing

>don't remember RE engine being this ugly
>post some ugly fuck from goblino may cry 5
what did he mean by this

You are in /v, the game has black people, you should hate it

I hate Globohomocom like you wouldn't believe.

zoomerbait game

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>dont remember RE engine being this ugly
>post that shit image
is this the power of getting paid to shill?

>street fighter is goofy

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Blanka was always a character for subhumans

>Blanka is finally happy
>Ken is super depressed
was it worth it bros

>here are all the things a fighting game should have
>none of them are related to the fighting part

kys zoomer faggot you are the one that needs to be gatekept out this genre

>*posts faceapp level shoop

>t.zoomer that wasn't alive during the golden age of fighting games