Elden Ring

Why is faith practically useless outside of healing?

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Because you don't believe in God.

Nah its great, you have access to every type of damage in the game and a ton of utility spells.

But the spells are bad though? Flame of the fell god the most powerful flame spell is mediocre at best.

Well yeah, don't use the bad spells.

So don't use faith? Got it.

>he doesn't use blackflame

Beast spell and fire spells can be buffed with gear to be pretty powerful, but are only good PvE and even then some rush fast. Faith is viable, but requires specific builds.

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Faith is only good for black flame, the homing death spells and wielding pic related.

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We are discussing the actual game here pvpzoomer.

dragon incantations are stupidly powerful
blackflame is one of the few things that scales well into NG+7
various defensive spells make you basically immune to their respective damage types
can apply every status from range

I never even touched the PVP faggot, and still that fucking rock carried my ass in my STR/FTH run

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why is "I CAST ROCK" automatically a pvp thing?
It's fun a fuck to chuck rocks

Because you never used the dragon cult incantations.
Or the black flame ones.
Or you know what, it's just safe to assume you literally never tried any FTH shit.

you got invaded with your shitter friend at the tree sentintel and got stomped lol

Buddy, no.
The spells have more utility compared to INT only having damage, but then there's some great high damage spells of every damage type. Meanwhile you have plenty of FTH scaling melee weapons, and the option of fire damage weapons that scale with FTH for when you're up against those holy resistant late game bosses.

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>still no DLC announcement even at TGS

Just going Dex and using lightning WA's a better "dragon cultist" larp than actually trying to use lightning incantations which for some autisitc reason scale with str/fai and not dex/fai.

giantsflame is the best spell in the game
absolutely clowns on final boss

Pest threads also just kills elden beast and other big bosses

I'm still in a early faith build but have some dragon cult incantaions and they seem more flash and no substance. Do they need gear to buff, or are only some good?

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We are indeed, Elden ring, which has pvp invasions as core of it's gameplay.
You, however, are a shitter that got stomped by better players than you and you seethe.

Never summoned anyone outside of an npc one time.

The thunderbolt weapon art is one of the best faith based PvP weapon arts I found, not to mention just an overall good PvE weapon art as well. It has a real good range and casts extremely quickly. Its cast animation also looks similar to buffing animations, so the attacker is usually taken off guard by the first strike. It's near perfect for catching chuggers in the middle of healing, as well. But at the same time, it almost feels a little too boring just sitting back and zapping some poor chump over and over while they panic roll all over the place.

Went to ng5 using the blasphemous blade with max fth.

>pvp invasions
Which only happen if you're a shitter cooping faggot. Pvp isn't an important or even noteworthy part of elden ring.

>the shitter fears the strong

>Golden Vow
>Flame, Grant Me Strength
>Black Flame
>Giantsflame Take Thee
>Honed Bolt
>Lightning Spear
>Rotten Breath/Ezekyes Decay

Rotten breathe alone is worth it given how powerful scarlet rot is.

>every type of damage in the game
And they all do less damage than a single swing of a sword.

Rotten breath basically makes the game free for a SL1 build

INT has plenty of fantastic weapons too user

Enemies are weak to different types of damage in this game

Part of the problem is that a lot of fth incants require some setup, and shitters hate anything that isn't mash mash I win. For instance, I've heard numerous people say that scarlet aeonia is worthless, but one cast made the draconic tree sentinel into a joke