It didn't deserve the hate

It didn't deserve the hate.

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It DID. But not anymore.

Only if you tried to play it on a 7 year old piece of console hardware

The only issue I have with this game is how the plot forces you to rush because you have cyber aids or some shit and you could die at any moment, forcing you to do the main story as quickly as possible. Very un-immersive to do side activities knowing the MC is on a timer even though it doesn't actually exist.

Yes it did, I still like it though. Better than playing EYE again, at the very least. Needs more content

It absolutely did.

It doesn't force you at all - makes clear your condition is terminal but never puts a specific timeframe on it.

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>being a literal corporate cocksucker

the irony

No patches will ever change the fact that the game is fucking mediocre. I predicted this turnaround in public opinion though, normalfags love to simp for major corporations.

It's not that hated outside of Any Forums and PS4 owners

Repeatedly driving screws through my scrotum is better than playing EYE

No Man's Sky and it's consequences have been a disaster to the gaming industry

>It didn't deserve the hate.

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its fucking good. i cant stop playing it atm

$0.01 has been deposited into your CDPR Shill account

Ironically it's zoomers who are in love with GTAV that are most critical of CP2077. People that know Cyberpunk love it.

GTA V came out in 2013 and the Xbox 360 version is more optimized and feature rich than Cybershit would be with 10 years of patches.

GTA is a shit shooterwith the most static gunplay imaginable.

and somehow Cyberpunk managed to have worse shooting, driving, AI, police systems, etc.

Yeah, but it's still GTA. When I was a kid I liked that shit but I didn't like GTAV or Red Dead Redemption 2

Ok zoomie, I get it you love buying shark cards.

Even now there's weird artifacts from previous development cycles. I noticed in one of the final mission paths for one of the lines by Rogue she's being played by an entirely different, British VA

Cyberpunk far and away has more satisfying gunplay than GTA

>$0.01 has been deposited into your CDPR Shill account

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