Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

If this is where Monster Hunter is headed I'm not getting MH6.

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>If this is where Monster Hunter is headed I'm getting MH6.
sorry NEETY, Any Forums is a paypig board. NOW GET IN LINE OR GET A JOB!!!

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Actually I have a job, but that's beside the point, I could be worth three billion and I wouldn't give in to these disgusting practices.

Ok but Rise has had paid layered armor for a while, and they're not even that good looking to begin with. Coolest ones were Magnamalo from amiibo and Rider outfit from MHS

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They already conditioned you for years with reused assets in variant monsters. You have nobody to fucking blame but yourself for putting up with it. This is the future of the franchise you once loved.

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Remember when you could tell someone's build by looking at them?

>layered weapon system is free
>one (1) layered weapon dlc
>everyone loses their shit

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No, not really. I can barely tell what skills I have on my own set without checking the status. You think I'm gonna memorize which sets have which skills at all times?

So because they've had it that makes it okay? Shut your fucking face.

Yeah, I remember when everyone wore monkey pants
It fucking sucked

Problem is that it's only going to get worse from here. I wouldn't be surprised if paid DLC went beyond just cosmetics in the future.

If you're playing on PC just use koalageddon to unlock all the DLC.

If Gunner and Blademaster sets are not a thing in the next Monster Hunter I'm not paying money for MH6. For 20 years we had Blademaster and Gunner sets. Why in the last 2 games have they done away with that? Armor like pic related was more than half the reason why I was a Gunfag at all solely because of it looking cool.

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>literal gacha
>More recolors than 3u
>terrible monster ai
>forced mechanics
>paid armors and weapons
>less monsters than any MH to date
>easiest MH of the series
>hunter arts
>more tracking than elden ring
>coded to run at 30 fps
was b team on drugs? do they have no supervisors? wtf is happening at Capcom hq?

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I don't really know how you guys muster up the autism to seethe about this shit every day

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This doesn't take away from the fact that Sunbreak is the current BEST MH

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In MHW+I, layered armors and weapons are free but you have to farm the mats from events / GL. The things Capcom sells as DLCs are pendants, hairstyles, Handler costumes, and house furnitures / decorations. Meanwhile, right out of the bat, Rice has $100+ of layered armor DLCs. And now, Buckbreak intends to sell layered weapon DLCs too. There's no excuse for this jewish practice.

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Tendies destroyed this game.

Have you considered not buying them?

>it's another /vg/trani running away from his shitty general
back to your containment board, freak, no one wants you here

>Dos, FU
>Tri, 4, World
>Generations Ultimate
>Freedom 2
Time to realize the entire series is shit.

>you can kill any monster without silkbind moves
>it's not finished yet
>yeah, hunter arts
>it runs fine on 60fps

come one, say the line
>monster hunter died on dos....

It's the precedent it sets you stupid cunt

Aside from the fact that it's yet another fire sub in a game filled with fire subs I think Violet Mizu is pretty fucking cool

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>More recolors than 3u
Not only is this currently untrue (3U: 22, SB: 20) but it has less recolors than both 4U (32) and Iceborne (22) so I have no idea what you're trying to say here
>less monsters than any MH to date
Also blatantly untrue, since its current roster of 70 beats both 3U (51) and FU (58). Coincidentally, this also puts it just one behind Iceborne's 71, which it's sure to pass with future title updates.

Normally I'd just ignore obvious bait like this, but lying so blatantly is just inexcusable when it's so easily verifiable.

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>snoys still seething and dilating about rise
don't worry I'm sure god of my wife's son will have better combhahahahahaha

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>This doesn't take away from the fact that Sunbreak is the current MH

I assume it's their way of "future-proofing" the ideas of Soulseer and Apex by making a Mizu alternate that isn't tied to any particular lore gimmick

Hey what if Fire Sub Gammy

you can still layor armour sets in rise/sunbreak for all the armours that are in the game by default. the paid shit is unrelated to any armour that monsters give you. still gay but there it is.

>he is counting anomalies, apex and recolors as new monsters

>base game feature turned into paid DLC
Tendies will defend this shit


so what is quiro crafting then? hmmm