Have a jap friend on Steam because we played together Guilty Gear +R once

>have a jap friend on Steam because we played together Guilty Gear +R once
>know only the basics of japanese
>too afraid to message him
What should I do?

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say herro

Suck his dick faggot and offer your virginity weeb

Say "konichiwa nipponjin-san, watashi wa anata no ookii nikubou wo nametai desu"

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message him

tell him about the horrors his kind brought to pearl harbour and that the nukes were justified

You're definitely going to be an annoying faggot weeb and scare him off.

tell him about the horrors of Jewish-American society and not to associate with filthy gaijins such as yourself

Tell him domo arigato mister roboto

Tell him to stop beig a fag and lear basic English.

stop being a weeb and treat him as if he were a normal human (because he is) you fucking socially ostraziced aspie weeb

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You mean ohayo? I should probably tell him more than that
I'm not gay
I use machine translaton when I browse japanese threads on Any Forums It does the job well enough but it makes several weird mistakes
That'a the plan
I'm not from US
I also fear that

>friends on Steam
For what reason?

Good idea. I should ask him if he knows english
I don't want to appear like that. That's why I made this thread
I don't even remember

I had a Japanese pen pal for a while in 2013. I say pen pal because despite messaging him over skype and steam we only actually talked about pen pal type stuff like cultural differences. He had me install some awful social media software on my computer so his friends could talk to me and I wasn't able to ever rip it out, it was like a virus. Whatever company runs QQ probably has dirt on every person in Asia.

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Make a dumb thread on Any Forums

i thought qq was china, similair thing happened to me

This but 5chan

It is Chinese but apparently people all over Asia use it. As I understand it's like their equivalent of Twitter or something, super popular and everybody uses it

bruh OP just talk to him. use some corny japanese and get him to laugh at your cute attempt to be hip

talk about jp steam friends on imageboards, what a pinch of a situation you are in such things never happen online. what would any one do!! gotta ask the world about this one friend right

>meet a jap friend on pubg years back
>know enough moonspeak to shitpost at him
>still do to this day
just shitpost at him, if you dont know the japanese phrase just use english and they'll figure it out

I'll try

Just throw him a message. Maybe be polite about how you're messaging suddenly out of nowhere. Japs care about that. Throw a generic greeting at him, like maybe
And then wait for response. If you don't understand it, post it here, some user will probably help you have a conversation.

Japs are super irreverent and based. I knew a guy who just said "beep", that was his thing. I assume he got it from Kenshi and didn't know any other English. So all you had to do was greet him or get his attention by saying "beep" to him and he'd beep back at you. Even in games he'd just beep over the mic. Sometimes I would wake up to find he'd beeped in my comments or on a screenshot I uploaded. Beep.

when i met one all he asked was if me and my friend knew jackie chan, so we just called him jackie anytime we needed his attention
we also asked him if he was chinese at first and when he said he was japanese we talked about how much we fucking hated chinks, those were some good memories
you guys reminded me to message him so i guess i'll go do that