Pathfinder WOTR

>bugs out
>bugs again
>requires restart due to memory leaks

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I haven't had any problems but I'm still playing a patch that came before the new DLC.

Is the new DLC buggy or something?

Please understand.

>>requires restart due to memory leaks

yeah what's with that? After I play for a while it starts running like absolute shit

>designs piece of shit unfun puzzles

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EE when

The IP owner

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>made by russians
yeah, never buy russian products

Unity engine sucks

It's made with Unity which leaks memory, no matter what.

They'd have to fix unity, and if they had the skill and time to do that, they wouldn't be using unity in the first place.

Why is this game so fucking progressive if it's made by Russians?

the source materials is much more progressive than the games

Owlcat devs support west and Ukraine

the little scripted events started bugging out for me so i have to skip all of them

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Supporting Ukraine is fine. You faggots are the most limp-dicked nationalists.

>NPCs akwardly stand around for a minute because the speech bubbles won't pop up

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they're the absolute worst
>character walks into a scene
>waits for 30 seconds
>says the line
>waits for 30 seconds
>something happens
>another pause for 30 seconds

Mods really fuck up scripting sometimes, so be careful with that

Alignments don't make any sense in this game.

>20 aldori defender
>10 aldori swordlord
What should I use my last 10 levels on?

not the game's fault, DnD alignments don't make any sense in general

Have you praised best party member today

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They did far more sense in older DnD games where characters actually act like they are Lawful Good and such.

>that scene where you find a bunch of demons gangbanging a lookalike of the commander

it was pretty funny
exclusive for demon camelliachads

Its a meme forced by Any Forums and retards

Duelist is kinda obvious, I'd say.
You do not have to worry about bab to slap study target from slayer or demonslayer bonuses, and sneak dice from rogue will not change much either.
Might as well have some fun with parry and Riposte

Still the best crpg.
This genre is dead.