Street Fighter 6 Capcom TGS Stream

Get in here SF bros
Lets see what they are gonna show.
We eating good this TGS

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here we goooooo

>that fucking dubbed translator
Give us subs like yesterday

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nice dub

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I love her voice.

You don't like one person who can't keep up with 3 people talking all at once? Why are you so entitled?

Gender Slider Figtan bros lets go!! Its bussin fr fr we eatin good!!

>devs quietly speaking
>the "pros ins your living room" commentary blaring over them
>barely coherent dubber mumbling over them
the game looks great but this stream is dogshit

>>the "pros ins your living room" commentary blaring over them
I can't fucking WAIT to turn that thing off immediately. I don't get the people who are genuinely excited about it. I hope I get into the beta only to turn it off.

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Lowkey hype for this shit, deadass. lit as FUCK. Y'all the same? Bruh. Moment.

I always feel bad for the translators doing these things. The events are mostly scripted out ahead of time they need to just have them pre translated instead of forcing one person to do it all in real time.

>dive kick blanka balls
I'm going to fucking kill myself

as someone thats been playing capcom fg's since world warrior came to arcades, and still playing capcom fgs, i have got to say, sf6 looks like the biggest piece of dog shit.

Right. Either they have this pre-dubbed, since I doubt it's live to begin with, or they have subtitles or something because this woman playing catch up is I'm sure extremely frustrating for her, especially if she doesn't have some cheat cheat to know what the fuck these attack names are, etc.
>dive kick blanka balls
>>I'm going to fucking kill myself
No imagine this with the added layer of wifi. Enjoy!

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>japanese company

Official non-leaked cast reveal.

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Nigger game

Lilly looks cute. CUTE.


Thank you USA and globohomo for this vast improvement to Capcoms 30 year old classic gaem

Where's the nip stream?

Lily got a slight redesign

>Honda's vskill is back as a special
Interesting. I wonder how much use it'll get with parry being in as a UM

I will now buy your game

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>all niggers on the right

>imagine this with the added layer of wifi

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This game is played solely by Americans, nobody outside of it buy this.

God I hope this tutorial is skippable. Want to make both me and a retard fighter and would rather not sit through it all the time. Anyone who can read runes confirm?

maybe its my imagination but the stages seem less claustrophobic, seems like you can actually take a breather on opposite sites of the stage

what are they thinking with this open hub crap. it seems so pointless

So are Ed, Rashid, and the others DLC?

>Original game had a black, an indian, a thai, a chinese, japanese, brazilHUE, etc
>You know what this game needs? I finna some mo DIVERSOTEE.
>more nigs

Training mode shit looks nice

So the DLC characters from the leak are
That or they're just not shown here for some reason

Probably for the best. She looked really basic in the leak.

>there will be people who unironically will want to waste a character slot on whoever this npc is.

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Murica has more niggers

to be fair the FGC is mostly negroids

>18 character launch roster
Either they’re holding out or a bit are DLC

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There's one (1) new black character

What shit character design. I expect countless fanart by this afternoon.

>Amerimutt game
>all the animation in training mode are the coach doing japanese exaggrations and pointing