Are you excited?

Are you excited?

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Yeah, it's gonna be he best game of 2023.


not really

Literally no RE fan WANTS this crap.
It will be butchered just like DEm2-3 were.

nah the remakes are mediocre even 2 wasnt that great

2 remake was fantastic
3 remake killed the hype

Not outbreak.

very much. this, redfall and calypso protocol are going to rock! I am going to have such a nice time playing these games. my sister and my fiance love the resident evil games too so we are probably going to have a great time hanging out on the couch, playing some resident evil 4 and reminiscing about when peter still had his legs

Zelda2:Tiers drops in May.


No, I hated RE4, ruined the franchise.
that being said, if this REMake 4 is an actual survival horror and is at least half respectable remake as REmake 2 was, I will buy it.
Defo not day one buy though.

2 killed the hype.
3 was exactly the same shit.
But RE7 already should've prepared people for these catastrophes.

3 was clearly rushed and made by a B team but yeah, it was a fucking disappointment
They must have had 2 teams working on them together.

can I fuck your sister user?

I'm cautiously optimistic.
Not like I'm going to purchase the game if Capcom slaps it with Denuvo DRM anyway.

You like me user. if a dev puts denuvo in a game, dont buy it and then pirate it when it gets cracked?
As a personal statement!

No different from 2.

yeah, at least looks like it will be a completly diferent game, there is no point trying to fight the impossible expectatives of a 1:1 remake on the original.

No, I don't pirate games, I just hate Denuvo. Denuvo cracks apparently still install denuvo, it just fakes the checks, I don't want denuvo on my hard drive ever again, period.

There's no point in pirating games for me when my deficit is time, not money. I just don't want to buy games infected with that problem-causing cancer DRM. I'd be happy to shell out some dosh for them once they get retroactively removed from the games in question though, as I have been doing.

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No, because I only own a Switch and a crappy laptop. I can play RE2 remake but the graphic settings gotta be low. I don't know if it will be worth doing 4 on it. Also I hate playing on my laptop.

I'll probably play it at a friend's or buy a used PS4.

Give Me RE9 already.
I want to see his return.

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