Game has an unskippable cutscene

>game has an unskippable cutscene

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You will only watch ads and you will be happy

Not my problem. I have AdBlock like a normal human.

This was inevitable as soon as Youtube RED was announced, they'll keep pushing and pushing until people just say "fuck it" and buy a subscription.


Youtube on mobile doesn't have adblock and I got two unskippable 15 second ads back to back once

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I installed adblock on my pc years ago and I've never seen a youtube ad since. I hope they don't do this on phones or I'll have to download vanced/pipe or whatever they're called

Get vanced or newpipe you dumb faggot

Haven't seen an ad in over a decade.

Not even when I rarely watch youtube on mobile since I use a browser and not their app.

Not my problem. I use rumble.

This. Even on your phone, just use the browser

>just download the vid and watch it without watching the ad

wait until adblockers are made illegal goy. You’ll buy the subscription or you will suffer.

I kept getting ads for youtube premium free trial so signed up for trial and immediately unsubbed so I'd stop getting them

ublock on pc, firefox with ublock on phone, I cant remember what ad is

I have a smart TV and i can't install adblock there
There are open source alternatives to Youtube on mobile you know

I just have youtube red I'm not a poorfag.

Just wait until they adopt Twitch's ad system. Hell will have truly broken loose then.
Even the new ad blockers specifically for Twitch fucking suck. Streams now constantly buffer and swap to 160p.

>had an unskippable 15 second ad for a literal 6 second video

psst user, don’t use the app. open youtube on safari or whatever search engine you have, with an adblock installed.

I wish you could cast with those

Piracy is also illegal yet that never stopped anyone from downloading whatever game they want.

ah yes. just like pirating. so illegal. many arrests. i'm so scared lmfao.

Adblock was already ruled legal, by the EU too no less. You can schizopost at me all you want but facts are facts.

Reminder that Chrome is blocking ad blocker extensions soon. Jump ship to any other browser if you haven't yet.

Hi Susan!

stop using the youtube app and use a browser you dumbfuck

your retarded ass watching vids from people with million views

Wasnt vanced going to have its updates stopped because youtube was changing their api's or something?

watch in brave

Good, should be a 2 years long ad as well.
Fuck retarded phoneposters

Literally use the brave browser.
Blocks ads
Let's you use YouTube minimized
Is a better chrome

It's only a problem when I'm watching Youtube from my phone while I'm on the toilet, haven't seen a single ad for years while watching it on my PC thanks to ad block.

>just use the browser
When I use YouTube on Firefox Android the quality is capped really low. Why is this?

twitch has ads?

Not even you stupid nigger. And like that user said it's on mobile so I can't force Ublock.

You might have data cap setting in your browser settings

>Google own youtube
>Google already made youtube nearly unusable on other browsers to force people to switch to chromebot
You think they'll let you use youtube without ads? No way.

it takes 2 minutes to figure out how to get an adblocker that works 100% of the time for youtube/twitch/whatever else shit you're browsing, you have no excuse to watch ads like a cuck or god forbid pay for a subscription service that removes ads from said platforms

Oh yeah, and they got even worse recently. Streamers don't even have the ability to not run ads, they're mandatory.

There's a new team that is working on Vanced now. They only give out the patcher so they don't get in trouble. If you want to get it, use this one that makes it brain dead easy:

For the past 3 years I haven't seen a single ad on twitch.

I don't know. I have newpipe personally and I only occasionally have an issue when youtube tries to kill it every month or so, it always gets patched within a few hours. Otherwise it's perfect.

Vanced got nuked by jewgle

just get the latest vanced version, still works for me

reminder to use

>Built atop uBlock Origin, AdNauseam quietly clicks on every blocked ad, registering a visit on ad networks' databases. As the collected data gathered shows an omnivorous click-stream, user tracking, targeting and surveillance become futile.

>before the video starts
this is insane to me because like 50% of potential viewers will just not bother watching

I think Vanced got taken down but it still works for anyone who grabbed it before it got nuked

Not gonna fly, there's way too much legal precedent from before corperations took over the world that says no one can force you to watch ads. Overturning that is nonviable.

hasn't that been a thing for years already? i swear i've seen that happen before when i used another computer without ublock

It's working great on Firefox for me. Plus you can always get extensions that tune up the Youtube player. That's just more complicated than I want it to be so I haven't messed with them too much.

I use my Switch for most of my YouTube watching, and i sure as shit can't get adblock on there.

>a smart TV
well, at least one of you is

I have ublock origin. I have not seen an ad in years

>watch 3 minutes of ads just to see a 10 second meme
Yeah, i'm thinking it's time to get jdownloaded again and start making offline copies of my favorite stuff

I just don't watch a video until I get a skippable ad on my smart tv.

does this need root?