enter room

> enter room
> see vidya lewd figure

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>Dragons Crown will never release on PC
Fuck this gay Earth

I don't know anything about that game but it's permanently based because that dev BTFO Jason Schreier. I've never seen anybody say something so retarded and then get so cleanly, soundly owned and disassembled.

The only lewd figure I own is Yozakura, I love her big gauntlets.
But I have this from Range Murata on the way, he did the art/character design for the Power Instinct games, so it's tangentially vidya.

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Hell yeah brother.

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what that bump between her legs?

Here's the Yoza though.

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it's a power move. it shows the girl you brought that this nigga FUCKS. only high test guys have lewd figures in display.

Yeah, that photographer's response was a work of art. Wish I had saved it.

the only people that actually buy crap like this are spastics beyond saving

Big Yo is pretty cool. You're a cool dude.

>> enter room
>> see vidya lewd figure
>hotglue the fuck out of it
heh nothin' personal, figurine cĂșck

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>the only people that actually buy crap like this are spastics beyond saving

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Sweet retard opinion. I'm gonna file that under "unsolicited attempt to feel superior to others" and perhaps subsection "banal". Buying this stuff is based

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Thanks bro. She's the reason I imported Shinovi Versus before we got an English release. All I wanted was for her to have chargeable punches with them big ol gauntlets, and she did.
So good.
Here's my favorite fig. It's not lewd, but Belldandy has been in several video games including a Dreamcast trivia game and a cameo in Lord of Vermillion (3, I think).

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High test guys date real women. Not expensive plastic toys.

>heel isn't dangling

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People of culture read books and watch opera. They don't collect anime garbage for teenagers, user.

My only figures are plastic bandai robots. I'm too autistic for even lewd anime girls

Stop talking about POCs you retarded Any Forumsfag

yeah you would know

Damn, that's cool information. But I'm referring to based people, not "people of culture" who are all tryhard pseud faggots and not worth my time. Go pretend you got an orgasm from listening to piano music and let actual men discuss their figs

>Dragons Crown will never release on PC

Why is Kamitami such a huge faggot and bad at business? It's not even just japanese console faggotry because Muramasa rebirth is stuck on the fucking Vita of all places, just pure retardation.

>According to its development team, the Vita was chosen as the port's platform over the more commercially successful Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 due to the Vita's OLED-based screen, which they felt better portray the game's palette.

This is what happens when you have artists in charge god fucking damnit

Redditors are the ones buying a bunch of cheap plastic shit to display in their loveless house. Have you seen the absolute state of those funko-wielding freaks?


i would have both but somehow plastic crack is more affordable

> see vidya lewd figure
> activate UV light
> not an inch bright af due to old coom everywhere