What are your hopes, expectations, and concerns for Tears of the Kingdom?

What are your hopes, expectations, and concerns for Tears of the Kingdom?

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zelda is playable and she is stuck in a giant underground area

>skyward sword shit now

I want the exact opposite of whatever they do.

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Is this a hope, an expectation or a fear?

That it's genuinely a great game and that the world is actually completely different from the first game, that and actual dungeons with their own themes instead of divine beast aesthetic x4
>Expectations and concerns
That it'll be a glorified dlc that only adds a few new sheikah abilities, a couple of sky islands and some stuff from said islands that fell on the ground and call it a day

I hope you spend little time on the surface and that the core gameplay consists of constantly switching between the skies and the underground tunnels in a giant expansion of the first game's vertical traversal loop

I expect it to be a lazy rehash of the first game and a disappointment

I can't believe they made us wait this long for the title. The title doesn't spoil anything

After 4 years there better be a whole lot more than that

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Any Forumsros...

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I don't actually know what I want. I only know what I don't want, which is whatever I get.

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It's been working for me.

Traversal tools like hookshot.
Utility items like fishing rod
Ranged weapons besides bows
Greatly expanded enemy variety
Multiple full scale dungeons
Extensive underground, sky, underwater exploration
Another world map like sacred realm/twilight realm
Minish, oocca, subrosian, twili races and towns added
Rideable loftwings
Multiple player characters
Speaking role for Link
Online gimmicks
Botw but bigger

It's not my fault if you can't score while I'm moving the goalposts. You just need to try harder.

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Actual dungeons like in OoT, more enemy and puzzle variety
I expect nothing anymore
BotW but on floating islands

Link and Zelda

Hopes are:
a somewhat more concise experience.
Fewer anime tropes.
Deeper NPC interactions.
Mor emeaningful economy.
Return to a more gradual tool progression.

After that, I'm just hoping for some fun new designs of town and characters.

Better combat combos / more weapons items
More customizable link
Magic meter
Sword upgrades / unbreakable weapons from repair
New enemy types / dark nuts
Same over world puzzles
Shitty bosses again
Everything themed like zonia now instead
No link movement changes

Skyward Sword was a crap game for different reasons than parts of it being up in the air.