I cry first thing every morning because of the horrible pain and emptiness

I cry first thing every morning because of the horrible pain and emptiness.

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okay... and?

Literally everyone does this

I don't know why you would disparage and belittle OP's pain and emptiness like that. It's really disrespectful of you. Not cool at all.

Do you know how much it hurts

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I usually have coffee and then diarrhea

>wake up
>spend 30 minutes on the toilet browsing Any Forums on my phone while loosing oily black stool into the toilet because my stomach ulcer bled all night again

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I go to work to forget it, and then I drink if I have to be alone

little zelda

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nigga u need that


Look man I grew up an hours drive from the beach. Tetra hit a couple of notes for me too, but you gotta chill my boi.

>bro, just like... um, chill out and feel good and stuff

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Now we just need OP to do this routine while getting up at 2 AM and he'll be crushing it

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so what...?

Now you're just being incendiary. Stop trying to cause problems or I'm going to have to really teach you a lesson.

Just post more Tetra. It'll numb the pain.

Best Zelda

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OP's theme


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I wanna plunder that booty every hour on the hour.

Its too bad she turns from a gyaru semen demon into an filthy ytoid.

At least the forbidden whitewash magic was undone the moment the king got drowned for good.

This. When I was a kid I was legit upset