Is Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops worth playing?

Is Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops worth playing?

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No, not really. It's non-canon and it's sole reference in later games is to "leave that crap behind" shitting on it directly.

Nah only good thing to come out of it really was this song

It's got a better story than Peace Walker but it's worse otherwise. Worth trying out if you're an enthusiast but nothing too great

>It's got a better story than Peace Walker
Awful opinion.
You haven't played either game in years and are clouded.

It's good, don't listen to the zoomers in this thread.

It's so brown that I used to get sick while playing it. Don't recommend

it's good
the gameplay mechanics lay the foundation of peace walker and MGSV

>everyone who disagrees with me is a zoomer
ironically a zoomer mentality

MGS4 literally references Portable Ops unlike other games like Ghost Babel and ACID.
Play it on PPSSPP, the second stick makes this game really good.

Now I'm kind of pissed that I skipped it and went straight for Peace Walker because it was on the HD Collection.

It's not bad, but you can only carry 4 items at the time, can't call support for more, and your stamina goes down so fast that looks like Big Boss never removed the leeches from Grozny Grad. Also, when the stamina goes to zero your character faints so, of the 4 items, 2 have to be rations

>t. zoomer

It deals with BB's broken record mentality over The Boss in a more dignified way than having an AI regurgitate lines from MGS3 because nostalgia is easy

I replayed it before MGSV came out and remember hating it.

>Is videogame worth playing?

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Nope. Just watch the cinematics and move on to Peace Walker. It is not only a retconing "remake" of PO in many ways, but also far superior game.

Shit gameplay
Peacewalker was miles better


Nothing to feel pissed about. It's a non-canon game, not directed by Kojima, and it's full on jank + fanfic tier clusterfuck, that is responsible for most of the stupidest shit in MGS4 and up.

Was Po-Ops the game that started the dumb plotline of the Patriots being the MGS3 radio team?

>jank + fanfic tier clusterfuck
That's Peace Walker with the whole fake Loli that somehow tricked Big Boss and reprogrammed a fucking Metal Gear all by herself. Like come on.