Do nothing

>do nothing
how is gaben so powerful?

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im also trans btw

Easy: he made the first platform where you own your games forever. It's all anybody wanted and he delivered.


is playstation officially dead in japan?

I have to download Steam 20 million times? That doesn't seem worth it at all, I'll just stick with my Xbox.

I just saw a thread where some guy had a ton of replies because he said only Americans like chinstrap beards. And then I see this thread... deliberately tweaking his nose? Or an ironic twist of fate. A mystery....

>where you own your games forever

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Not officially but in terms of market share, yes. They've under invested in Japan for too long and trying to gain market share this late is going to be expensive/not worth it.

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>make platforms with games
>no bullshit
>easy to use
He just had to not be a total jew and be a lazy fuck instead.

t.stupid bird collecting shiny pieces of plastic.

Did they finally announce Bombergirl?

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>He just had to not be a total jew
Yeah taking 30% of every sale from devs is totally altruistic.

>do nothing
Install Origin or Epic's Launcher and say that again. People had to beg Epic for month just to add a fucking cart and it's supposed to be one of Steam's biggest competitors.

That's the standard rate for every online store. Sometimes Nintendo takes even more than that.

>People had to beg Epic for month
*2-3 years I think

i glanced earlier in the shower
>yugioh gayness
>NON-COOM bomberman sequal with a character creator/customizer thing
got bored and turned it off

they really should just make bombergirl a main thing

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>owns epic games
>shills for gaben

steam will be replaced by electricity

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Isn't PC the platform where they charge extra for japanese language packs?

How is developing and creating a unique device "doing nothing" you fucking moron?

who is "they"? PC isn't a brand or company.

It will be internal combustion engines before that.

What said and also: To Nips, the California HQ deal was a transgression against all of Japan. The gooks are going out of their way to abandon Snoy, including that ugly fat bastard Johnny & Associates with the release of Judge Eyes and Lost Judgment on Peeshee. You are witnessing the slow death of a giant

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that kind of name is never going to stick

Sony is moving hard to PC, dum dum.

They anticipate this and have made ton of PC gears beforehand.


It will be "V8 Turbo Gigacock Ferrari GTX" or something like that.

a reaction to the coming change. Sega or Capcom moving games to pc means you can play those games on pc. Snoy moving games to pc just emans you can watch a movie about ugly trannies and niggers on your gaming chair instead of your couch.

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Why are you posting a picture of a console gamer's mouth?

It's over.

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iirc xbox outsells playstation in some japanese stores