Spyrooo the Dragoooon

It's Friday.
You and I both know what that means.
Spyro thread, right here right now.
Post about Spyro, and his Summer Forest girlfriend.

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>there are anons who self insert as Elora

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Fracture hills was my gateway drug to gyarus

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Show me these people, I want to RP with them.

both made for BHC

i thought it was gateway to glimmer

What do you think Spyro would do as an adult dragon?

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be promoted to Manager at Subway

>not wanting to get fucked by spyro

Imagine the massive logs

He'd probably be a daredevil or adrenaline-seeker. He's a product of the 90's after all. And his wife Elora would worry about him constantly to the point of mental exhaustion and they would have a huge argument and get a divorce and I'd be the only one there to comfort her in her pain and suffering which would lead her to let her guard down and I'd take advantage of that and give her a smooch and she'd in her pain find the relief of having a big strong human male comfort her intoxicating and i'd tell her to use me for whatever she wants and then she'd call me a dork and then we would make sweet inter-species love right then and there and then we'd live happily ever after while Spyro breaks his neck and dies when trying to do a kickflip over a sheep.

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Spyro should get a kids TV show.

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>4 years since reignited released
>still absolutely no word about more games
I just want a proper "Spyro 4"
is that too much to ask

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Yes I know Twitter but bear with me
Could happen sooner than you think.

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>"we're going to make more games in the future!"
I don't see how that points to Spyro

It means they are working on more than just Cowadooty. Everyone thought they were relegated to the CoD mines for the rest of time.


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>keep seeing Reignited Trilogy on-sale for the longest time
>finally ready to grab it at discount
>full price again
Well fuck you too, Gaben. Guess I'll look at Spyro girls until sale time comes again.

I'm not ready for there to be a /spyro/ board

literally just pirate it, it's 4 years old at this point

I was so surprised that humble sold Spyro and Crash together for $12 within the first year of Reignited coming out.
Don't worry user, it'll go on sale again.

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You mean a Skylanders board.

Skylanders isn't even about Spyro anymore, not that it really was in the first place.

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I like Nicholas Kole's headcanon that he becomes a balloonist and adventures abroad constantly. He could be like some sort of ambassador, representing the Dragon Kingdom as he visits other realms.

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