Kojima has arrived to Tokyo Game Show.

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He looks so happy
So In his element
I love Kojima bros
I just want him to be happy

Hideous Kojumbo at TGS, what will he do?

VRchads, we just keep winning and winning and winning. Imagine all the seethe when he announces his VR-only game and all the pancakies start shrieking. It'll be like a stadium of bawling infants

He won't announce or show anything, so who cares?

Why do you guys still jerk off this hack of a developer

'ojima on 'eck

He's japanese, not korean.

What’s that anime suit he’s next to

why he love this anime so much

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is it just me or is he actually aging now? he looks kind of depressed

He’s an animechad and proud

It's weird that they just have the outfit on a mannequin. It would be better if a boy were wearing it and waving to you and stuff. And maybe you could pay $10 to hug him

>Mask cuck

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It’s opposite in Japan
Not wearing a mask makes you the cuck

I searched for it on youtube. There was 2 gaming related results and 3 "people also watched this" which were voyeur clips of female streamers with tens of millions of views. Gamers simp so hard that they break youtubes search

He's a /k/autist before /k/autists were a thing

I saw some Japanese tourists in my town years ago and they were wearing masks. I thought that was weird or some passive dig at us for being dirty or something but apparently it really is the norm there. I don't know if it's population density or what though that caused it. If you know more about this you should tell us.

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>Kojima only watches egirl streams

>'ow on deck

Basically masking is only to prevent others from getting sick while not missing a work day because japs work so much.

They literally actuslly use them correctly and for the true intended purpose.(Masks DO NOT stop you from getting sick, merely a polite gesture to signal others to avoid you).

Do you think he wants to wear that outfit?