Guys really live in apartments like this and don’t see any issue

Guys really live in apartments like this and don’t see any issue

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Guys really live in apartments like this and don’t see any issue

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I'd personally get a tv table and a better chair, but this looks nice

I live in a house homever

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are bronies still a thing? the only time that I'm reminded of their existence is when I'm searching for porn on rule34

What the fuck is a bronie?

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Bigger and more productive fandom than all others combined. They're currently spearheading AI development to make their waifus real, normie AI research is simply picking up the scraps. You simply won't get another fandom like them, ever again.

They are still making content on fimfiction, I check sometimes to see if there's any good stories

something that will get you banned

I/ve been subjugated to bronie shit since 2007. Vile things

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You think manchildren grow out of their bullshit?

This is a Bronie

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Honestly if you after 13 years still managed to miss out on bronydom you've cucked yourself out of the biggest thing that ever happened, and will ever happen, in all of history on the Internet and you might as well end yourself now.

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lmao imagine thinking that knowing about the existence of people like this is a privilege

I wish my apartment was that clean


What other cartoon is currently being made that caters to their gay fetish? I'm sure there was some crossover with calarts shit like Stephen Universe but it's not much and most of those shows are done. I can't even think of any major furfag shit off the top of my head let alone one that would appeal to them like MLP did.

it didn't start until 2010

lurk more faggot

Everyday of my current life I dream of living like this.

user as far as cringe goes in this fandom that's pretty entry level

>zoomies will never experience untainted by politics or irl Internet culture
>they can't even comprihend what it was like to browse an anonymous Internet unsullied by phone posting and social media
Bronies were the end of an era


/mlp/ militantly preserves this culture even today. In fact /mlp/ has more vidya than Any Forums at this point, Any Forums is jealous of /mlp/'s TF2 server, gmod server, age of empires, etc..