It's literally just Chinese Ni-Oh

Why do you incels love playing the same game over and over again with the same protagonist over and over again? Haven't you learned ANYTHING from the Assassins Creed franchise?

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Where's my xianxia where I punch mountains and conquer jade beauties bros

how common are multiple enemy boss fights in Team Ninja games?

>Nioh 1
Very common
>Nioh 2
Way less common. Mostly just in sub-missions.

It's okay when from soft does it though

Any Forums loves replaying the same Dark Souls rehashed dogshit every few years and proclaiming it's the best thing ever, why is it so surprising?

If it's good, I will play it.


might pick up nioh 2 then, now that im almost done with sekiro. Wo Long demo looks pretty good too.

someone didnt get the memo
this game is very trans positive
you can choose your body type and pronouns

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Wait, I thought this WAS made by Team Ninja, since some of the animations seem 1:1 identical tot eh point oof recycling. This game is Chinese? I guess I shouldn't be surprised since they steal everything, but still.

I hope Niohfags shut up at least. I swear Noh might genuinely have the single worst fanbase on all of Any Forums. I've never seen any faggots so incapable of taking dealing with people not liking their shit game.

Nioh 1 doesn't really have multienemy bosses outside of submissions, why are you lying?

Our boy has really grown up.

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Xianxia is boring as fuck, and it's just escapism.

Every game can be called the same as something else in the same genre that came before, that's a very dishonest way of looking at it.
People play games with formulas that work, if it's not broken don't fix it and just put cool shit in the game.

Keep crying

>I thought this WAS made by Team Ninja
It is, its just Nioh that's set in china

He's talking about the setting.

Not just nioh in china.
Its Nioh during RoTK china.

I just want Nioh 3...

This is Nioh 3. The devs themselves said they were running out of ideas and didn't know what else to do now that the Sengoku jidai was fully covered. I respect the decision to try something out over forcing more entries for the sake of it

>I've never seen any faggots so incapable of taking dealing with people not liking their shit game
So their just like Dark Souls fans

So many side missions have then. And the Abyss is full of then. Way more common than Nioh 2.