What is his end game?

What is his end game?

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Americans are the only people that think chinstrap beards look good lmao

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He looks like a pilgrim or something

Why the fuck do you hate the Amish?

i don't think there could ever be a good half life 3 without something crazy. Probably why valve is/was pursuing VR so hard. The hype and expectations that have built around the game over a decade and a half would be impossible to live up too. Especially since everything revolutionary half life did has been done to death by every other shooter. The bar is so high for hl3 that it would almost certainly flop or be mediocre if it released

Youtube hits.

It's fine for the Amish because they still live in the 1800s

I can't imagine being this obsessed with foreigners. It's so weird to me.


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Probably films them in batches

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Probably when Half Life 3 releases.

do americans really?

Yes thinking of Americans whenever you see literally anything is obsession. For comparison sake, I never think of your shithole.

Except it'd always just a single obsessed euro/3rdie, not a group of them.

It's not so much about being obsessed but more like the fact that there are so many of you on this website that it makes it good sport to rip the piss out of you fuckers

That's a type of goatee, retard.

>I can't imagine being obsessed with something
Meanwhile in the average american Any Forumschud's head:

Yeah it's still weird to me. I can't imagine always thinking of some foreign country.

This is why you're called obsessed. Go on any board with flags, euromutts and latinx 3rdies say that same shit.

He's gonna have a heart attack when HL3 is announced and die

Same shit
It's both for fags like you