Was considering buying this. How woke/pozzed is it?

Was considering buying this. How woke/pozzed is it?

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Begin making your own decisions

It's still a shit mess

It's not really woke but the main bartender of the game is a tranny and the car it gives you has a trans flag on it.

Not at all really
The most is a tranny showing up but is suprisingly portrayed as a fucking psycho and you don't need to kow tow before it

Almost completely not woke. One tranny and some homo only romances, but that's about it. Some might consider the tsundere tomboy best girl to be some sort of feminist mary sue, but I disagree.

As pozzed as you want to notice.

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I was considering it also but it does not look nearly as cool or fun as people make it out to be.

its a dystopian setting

Still a mess, pretty woke, made by a lot of fags. Don't waste your time when you could be playing an actual good game.

But you need some info in the first place to make those decisions, Johnny.

>As people make it out to be.
There's no good reception for the game anywhere user

there's one tranny and some gay romances, but you can kill them all

Don't play it. I don't like sharing things with chuds.

To what degree can you build a character that's decent at most things?
I wanted to do some James Bond esque build, but for that I'd need to basically level all stats.

>Tranny mad at you because you didnt want to murder someone in cold blood for him
Its pretty realistic

one fourth of the entire company is quota hired
and they flaunt it


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>How woke/pozzed is it?
There's a trans character that's based, and a lesbian character that's based.
That's about it.

>tsundere tomboy best girl to be some sort of feminist mary sue
Not when everything she touches ends up in complete disaster for everyone involved.

And to your left, you can see the physical manifestation of cringe. PLEASE! No pictures!

game sucks so dont buy it/play it but all the woke shit in the game is rather appropriate since it is supposed to be a dystopia

It's a gog release, user

>how pozzed
that name should tell you all you need to know about how pozzed it is, punk has been pozzed since nearly its inception this isnt cybernationalsocialistblackmetal

>How woke/pozzed is it?

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No homosexual related in shit is "based" you brain dead retard.

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How is being a tranny even a big thing in a setting where you can instantly swap all the parts in a back alley, and for an insignificantly more effort even change your genetic structure every few days.

In the same way as being a cripple is a big identity in a setting where magic can regenerate missing limbs or cure the blind.
They're attention whores.

because were as Any Forums can identify with any sadist/authoritarian ever created in media homos and troons need explicit homos and troons to identify with