Which game was it?

Which game was it?

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When I first started, I only did races, stunt races and such, then I realized there was a free mode, grinding for all the shit was awful, then when I got most of it the game opened up and became fun again.

DOS 2, arx was a slog to get through since I wanted the game to end already, the demon dude was cool though

first playthrough of dark souls
but the first half of the game is the best


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.

Grandia 3

Both after Disc 1 went and shat the bed hard..

SHARD the bed

The forest part was a bit boring desu but I may be biased since I played with a friend on their first playthrough when I already finished mine

xenosaga 1,2,3


how to make love with dog wive III


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dark souls
great start, then the fucking early game slog through the shitty undead town but it gets better, peaks at sens then peaks again even higher at anor londo, the shitty backtracking to get lord souls and ends with kino when fighting gwyn

Corruption of Champions. Most of the fun stuff cpmes after you warp your oc.
It's time to get fucked, stud.

>hating on DaS's ending and the nameless song

Kill yourself

Xenoblade 1

Wind Waker, I'd say, with the dips being the stealth run on Forsaken Fortress and the Triforce Hunt.

Elden Ring pretty much to a T.
>initial hype when emerging into the world
>realize it's populated by generic hollows, bats and wolves, and every dungeon is copy pasted
>progress through the game, encounter more interesting enemies and bosses, start getting more armor sets and interesting weapons/spells
>finish Leyndell with a kino boss
>games dives off a fucking cliff, with some of the worst areas in Souls back to back, with by far the least amount of content and care put in compared to the rest of the game, and balance thrown out of wack as the player hits their soft caps and final weapon upgrades, but enemies just continue scaling upward
>final boss rush reminds you that the game can actually be decent if it tries
>the flat bit at the end is Elden Beast


ff14 Shadowbringers

Vice City

>first playthrough
please read

Moutain Blade and its sequel Mountain Blade 2: Butterlord

elden ring lol

Op here, answer was last of us 2 believe it or not

Heavensward was very good
Stormblood was shit but its build up to shadowbringers is good
Shadowbringers is pure ludokino
Endwalker is utterly dogshit til the last bit with Zenos

literally MGSV

>not beating it on the first playthrough
Fuck off, DSP

Kingdom Hearts 2
>hype falls into 3 hour chore tutorial
>hype rebuilds as you experience new combat, new abilities, new story
>peaking at DANCE WATER DANCE and Battle of 1000 Heartless in Hollow Bastion
>off a cliff during world retread
>spike at World That Never Was
>off a cliff again for boss rush and 40 phase final boss
Still a great game though.

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