Play Zelda Twilight Princess

play Zelda Twilight Princess.

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I just beat it a week ago. I need another ten years before I do another playthrough

I did

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Beat it twice. Would beat it even more times if it was on the Switch but Nintendo hates money.

>Subtle veins

um guys you told me nintendo wasnt based wtf

already did. it's one of the worst zelda games ever made

why give such an ugly character some nice tits?
i dont remember seeing her...

It isn't Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, or Breath of the Wild though.

Should I play HD or the gamecube version?

HD is an overall upgrade

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Does the HD version pull the backwards map fuckery like the wii version?

Shame she doesn't have a nude model.

For me, it's Hena

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normal mode is gamecube
hero mode is wii mirrored

i just beat the water temple. it's okay so far, although i'm sure as shit not doing this fishing/bug catching/poe hunting garbage


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start of my milf fetish

Is this the Telma thread ?

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I know it's a Telma thread, and I'm sorry, but I HAVE to post the IMP.

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>not enough letters to rearrange it into "That's it! Jerk off on me!" without fucking around

I fapped to her in game