Pirating prevents video games from being lost media

Pirating prevents video games from being lost media.

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fun not so fun fact, GMO seeds actually have copyright and you can get sued for """""""stealing"""""" seeds from gmo food to plant your own

She paid for the seeds as part of the initial apple purchase you absolute fucking mongoloid.

It actually is stealing to grow apples from bought seeds

People who upload games in torrent sites bought them in the first place

you wouldn't be getting the same apples, even if you are lucky enough to get them to germinate

I don't get why there's any argument about it. Piracy of modern media is illegal and immoral (mostly), but it is harmless and not theft. Piracy of legacy media is harmless and moral. EZPZ

Yeah but if you're into actual gardening you shouldn't be using shit GMO seeds.

Get some hippie organic heirloom stuff, actual good shit.

>Planting apples is like buying them but free for slightly more effort
It's a good analogy

i feel like GMO seeds wouldn't naturally occur in a GMO fruit so OPS pic could never happen.

there's no patent on apples retard.

who the fuck created apples in the first place?

is there a difference when people can release legacy media and make the same money if not more?

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i agree but the notion that food can have copyright is dystopian as all hell.

Combine that with the fact that billionaire bozos like bill gates are buying up a shit load of farmland and you have a horror scenario in the making.

the substance and energy of the apples grown as a result of taking seeds from a store bought apple are derived entirely from the soil, air, water and sunlight that belongs to me.

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I would download a car.

I see it as paying for the convenience of having it on a platform you regularly use rather than paying for the media itself. Whether that is worth it is up to the person.

Is it more stealy than stealing apples from the earth, or being given apples by a friend who obviously stole it to the earth, or has the earth given us the fruits. And why does it become stealy if me and a stranger pretended that fruits aren't free and I gave him a couple shekels which led to me having free apples in my possession, which include the seeds, which aren't really mine but how is it stealy if I plant them? Thats like giving back to the earth, which was hers all along anyway.

It is, all the more reason to go innawoods.

Would have a garden if not for my kike HOA.

Cry moar
You misspelled superior.

>being this retarded

notch is based

>I came up with the idea called "apple"

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Doesn't it take like 100 years for a tree to grow?

its the main reason vegetables and fruits are genetically modified to not produce seeds - to prevent people from growing their own

my point was more to say that if pirating modern media was illegal and immoral, I'm assuming due to the inherent value that it has to the seller, then shouldn't it be the same for legacy media? or at least legacy media that is still disturbed digitally as will probably be the case for all media going forward.
Becasue people will not only be able to buy it but the IP owner could rerelease it and people would still buy it.
Bethesda for example has rerelease skyrim over 10 times I think, or nintendo rerelasing windwaker.
if the legacy items still hold value akin to modern media, with the bare minimal of changes in some case such has just porting it onto more recent hardware, aren't both actions equally immoral or moral?

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If anything Piracy turns in a LOT of profit for the gaming industry in the long run.

Apple trees will require 3 to 8 years of growth before apple harvests begin to yield large quantities of fruit.

I'd consider that more of a gray area depending on surrounding context. Have you bought the game before? Is the current version a cheap, cashgrab ripoff? Is the platform it's on rare (PS5)?