Will Godot 4.0 make Godot one of the big game engines used by AAA publishers (in plural)?

Will Godot 4.0 make Godot one of the big game engines used by AAA publishers (in plural)?

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would be cool but prob not



Not for a while. Indies will come first then after a few years we may see some AAA games made with it. I don't see than changing unless Timmy fucks up big time.

>Companies continue using UE4 and scrapping their in house engines
>Timmy rikes up the cut they take off sales for UE4 games
>Godot 4 or 5 is out
Seems likely

I don't care if AAAs use it, it's shaping up to be great for indies and SOVL games.

They should have stayed using Lua instead of writing their own shiity pythonic DSL. I'll never be interested in this engine now.

Name 5 Godot games worth a damn

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who cares about AAA
Godot is for comfy indie devs that want to realize their dreams not make a quick buck from streamer games

Godot will never be a major engine

Probably not. Big studios have no reason to tear down their workflow just because it's free.
If the industry collapses because people can't afford 60+ dollar titles and overseas markets are literally starving/freezing to death, I suppose it's possible for a small, serious contender to become prominent with a custom engine they've expanded off Godot.

Godot is a money laundering operation, not a game engine.


there's a lua version

No there is not. There's a luajit binding made by an autistic sperg who doesn't understand how to transfer concepts to a prototyping lang like Lua without shoehorning in "classes", and there's an unfinished unsupported lua 5.4 build maintained by 1 person that doesn't work anymore.

I can draw and I'm okayish at 3D modelling and animation.
I kinda wanted to make some simple 3D turn based game because it seems relatively simple, what's the best engine for a complete retard that can't grasp even the basic of programming but wants to make a game in 3D space?

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No it's not, it doesn't have nearly enough funding for that. It only got like a few million over its lifetime. That's literally chump change for any money laundering operation.

>what's the best engine for a complete retard that can't grasp even the basic of programming but wants to make a game in 3D space?
The one that has the most shitty YouTube tutorials, I'd imagine. Or you could suck it up and learn a new skill properly instead of trying to cut corners and giving up after a month because you can't fully commit.

Unreal engine. The visual scripting Blueprints are basically programming but visual. Most artists are able to at least understand enough of the basics even if they don't grasp the programming fundamentals. It may run like shit, but so does every game, at least you'll have made something.

If you use Unreal or Unity be aware you're being jewed. Both of them are "free" to download and use, but has surprise licensing fees that suddenly become relevant when your game is finished and it's time to actually sell it.
Godot is the best because it's released under a permissible license that doesn't have hidden jew tactics, it's actually a free project.

Godot & Unity have you script rather than program, and Unreal has visual block scripting if you're so retarded that you can't even organize commands in text.
Whatever engine you use is the one you'll become more familiar with. Unless you're an autistic savant, you're not going to be able to put out a worthwhile project until you're very intimate with your workflow.
Keep in mind it's a retarded amount of work, too. Even 2D pixelshit titles have dev teams - Toby Fox had people helping him, and has even more now.

They're not hidden at all you retard. They tell you upfront in a plain language EULA that you have to pay 5% of revenue after your first $1 million. You don't get it then you're too retarded to make games. It's one of the simplest EULAs you'll ever read and probably shorter than most EULAs written for actual games.

I use C++ instead of GDScript desu

>"up front"
Fuck off Epic Games exec. Your engine is shit and open source will kill it in a decade tops.

godot 4 for AAA?
it's not ready for that

but it will take off with indie and smaller devs since it's now almost at feature parity with unity, just needs better performance

for AAA, godot 5 may be ready if steady devving happens and makes it the blender of game engines

Unity: ships spyware with every game, and now is even merging with a literal malware company
Unreal: 5% of your money goes to Timmy Tencent

it sucks but Unreal is less bad. Godot is still the best though, I agree.

That's even worse.

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>almost at feature parity with unity
lol not even close. It's a 20 year old engine with PBR rendering masquerading as a modern engine.