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Snore. Tell me when they release the official paimon onahole by tenga.

as a non player who wants to be able to fap to the girls in good conscience but doesn't want to get into a gacha this interests me greatly

Nobody cares. Just give me a hentai animation

>by ufotable
gay. i guess some other studio will be working on the fate strange fake anime

Oh fuck me. Does that meant promo codes for special skins are going to be locked behind BDs?

sexo the emergency rations

cant wait to see my waifu animated

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Remember that Paimon levitates all time and barely walks, that means she can keep her feet in pristine condition, that means paimon's feet must be very soft and very silky and wont have any bad smell. Imagine licking her perfect little foot. Imagine how Paimon gives you a footjob with her smal pristine soft and silky feet, her feet will move so easily over a dick that it will feel like its a oily footjob.

Paimon is the best portable footjob provider.

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>Fate route will forever be stuck with the fucking DEEN adaptation
>Kimetsu's best arc will probably be delayed now

bot post

If you're gonna make a Paimon onahole you should just go all out and make a 1:1 scale Paimon doll. She IS a living onahole after all.

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Fate sisters...

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it's already anime nigga


Is the story interesting enough for an anime? Is there even an in-game ending?

bot posts

Does long term project mean likely no more animated fateshit for a while?

>only 20 rolls
how embarrassing

Me too, bro. Me too.

I hate how everyone on this earth has such trash taste. All the most popular anime is fucking dogshit LN adaptations, isekai or pedoshit

My ass is made of meat nigger

thereĀ“s plenty of good action scenes to adapt, lots of characters to meet and the worldbuilding is top notch, the main weakness is that you MC barely has any personality, they will have to work around that

theres no ending in sight

I kneel, Mihoyo.

oh no no no chinkbros and genshinchads can't stop winning

Why not fuck your sister though.

you are not cool or interesting for hating popular things, its the opposite actually

No just incestfag fantasizing

you are not cool or interesting for liking popular things, its the opposite actually

think of it like a shonen anime. there is no ending because once it seems like its gonna end they announce a new series related to it. its why dbz and one piece will never die.

Once again, japchads earn the fucking money.

Thank you Mihoyou!

I am more intelligent though ;-)

Place your bets, which gender is canon.

non binary

Wonder how hard they are gonna reduce her screentime?

Aether obviously but he'll be gay.

Extremely mothefucking BASED

Raiden is super popular, she wont be in until season 2 or 3 depending on the pacing

dbz ended

i dont know but that art looks absolutely terrible and instantly makes you a fucking nigger

Is the anime even cover the game's story? I got the impression it's gonna be a prequel from the last shot of the twins standing together.