Be me

>be me
>join a random community server
>log on and read the rules
>no racism, homophobia, micspamming, porn sprays, "toxicity", fun, etc.
>treat our mods with respect
>log off and find another server
>the cycle continues

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>nooooooo you dont understand i NEED to scream NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER to have FUN

good riddance, nobody wants you here

>not baiting people into getting banned

>1. respect admins and moderators
Into the trash it goes

you are the incel version of "if you can't handle me at my worst"

I’m not OP but I do the same thing he does and leave if I see too many rules. It’s not because I want to break them but because I’d rather not play with people with sticks up their asses.

wrong server buddy, everyone treats each other here with respect, the faggot server is 2 floors down

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>rules: didnt read lol
>voice chat: turned off
>text chat: turned off
>play the game and have fun
Simply as.

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I play on a tf2 deathrun server and when someone sprays anything that resembles a loli or says nigger the 24/7 mod instantly bans the person

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>be me

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You're doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

>have no rules
>retard makes the chat literally unusable with NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER and gore pics

Yeah, you have to read between the lines on that kind of thing. A channel or server that has rules like "no racism" or "respect muh pronouns" is a good hint that the users are snowflakes and/or the mods are powertripping. I got banned from a server like that one time even though I didn't break any rules, just because I pointed out that one of the older members was misinterpreting a fairly obvious part of the story for a well-known game, and when that person disagreed I pointed out all the ways the game showed that they were misinterpreting it. It wasn't even a heated disagreement, they just couldn't stand the fact that someone newer showed them up.

>join random server
>it has a wall of rules i can't bother reading
>proceed to play normally
>autist mod says i'm breaking a rule
>tells me to stop or he'll ban me
>try it
>he can't do it, something is wrong with the system
>i keep playing as the mod has a meltdown
just once i want to see this happen

You know there's wiggle space between "too many rules" and "no rules", right?

Post what you think are good rules.

So you want rules that make you respect the mods that enforce them, but you also want the ability to disrespect those same mods

Just follow the rules or find a better server its that easy

>just once i want to see this happen
It's not exact, but it's similar

Simply too based.

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The only rule you need is “don’t be a retard”. Spamming the funny nigger word is obvious retard behaviour.

>Post what you think are good rules.
Rule 1:
>Don't act like a nigger
>This rule is up to interpretation so do what you want


Dunno why I'm even bothering with this since you just don't come across as someone who engages in good faith (I mean, look at this shit ), but what the hell.

For me, it'd just be something like:
>No spamming.
>Don't harass people.
>Have fun. If something makes you upset or angry, don't escalate. Either mute or sign out.

Then I'd add/remove/clarify rules as needed. I'd also try and keep mods on a tight leash with another much, much stricter set of rules just for them since those people can often go on power trips if left unchecked.

Everybody looks for different things in servers or any online communities, by the way, so you're asking a really pointless question. I'm sure some people actually WOULD like to spam NIGGERNIGGERNIGGER, and that's the nice thing about dedicated servers: There's a chance for everyone to find what they want, and if they don't find it, they can set something up and make it happen.

>find a better server
That's exactly what he's trying to do. He just silently went on his way, at least if we're to take him at his word.

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>Rule 1: Don't annoy the absolute fucking shit out of people (note: somewhat annoying the shit out of people still OK)
>Rule 2: That's fucking it

blanket ban on all furfags and russians

>what do good rules look like
>constant management and adjustment to the situation
This guy administrates