Confirmed soulless

>confirmed soulless
you're waiting for a sale next year, right?

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what happened, don't make me cancel preorder

Nothing yet the beta isn't even out

I guess I can spend 4+ hours to watch the campaign on youtube.

that came out in like 2011? lmao

it's mw22 now

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Not if the rumors of them requiring 2fa turn out to be true.

they require your phone number, yes

>2fa to play a game

cheating protection as Warzone was f2p

>it's ok when valve do it

its shit
watch the gameplay reveal from yesterday

steam doesnt require 2fa

The ui is fucking disgusting. I don't want to feel like I'm playing an upscaled mobile game on my tv

2009 actually. these retards are paying $70 for a 13 year old game. dont tell them tho

That's only if you use the market regularly and didn't get csgo before it went f2p.

Cute asian Miyeon wants african men! Miyeon best girl!

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CS and Dota do unless you want to play against russians

i hope she sees this bro

bug people

most based poster on this board