What did Toby "deltarune" Fox mean by this?

What did Toby "deltarune" Fox mean by this?

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Borat voice my wife
post tasque manager TF or delete your thread

Didn't get what people saw in her until the dress.
More people should wear dresses, dresses are good shit

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>Why is the only character with a non-gibberish voice singing?
He put modest clothes on her because he hates heterosexuals.

Blue panties

Yes user, no one likes a pretty girl in an fancy dress.

sorry to break it to you, user, but you are mistaken.
Boys LOVE girls in nice dresses

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They love taking the dress off.

No, I think he did it because he hates YOU specifically.

wait where is this from


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Wish there was more art of this guy

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My wife

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Your "wife" is actually revealed to be a transgender male in chapter 5.

I've been saying this for ages now, I'm bored of provocative slutwear and skin showing. I want to see cool pretty clothes and frilly dresses with ornamental armour on and shit like that

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I don't think he stuttered, user.

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Based! two of kind!

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uh based

>pander to faggots
>make loadzamonay
Hmm what DID he mean?