Why does Genshin attract the worst kind of people?

Why does Genshin attract the worst kind of people?

I just really can’t

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what's wrong with genshin impact players?

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Anime style art is directed at pedophiles and groomers. This is just the obvious outcome

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>the worst kind of people?
>I just really can’t
apparently you are one of them so i'm not sure why you would bitch about that

i wish 2000s never endded

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kek isnt a lot of webcomic artist get outted as sexpest or some shit
im really betting on AI art. read all shitty faggots artist begging in twitter that AI arts is fake and their arts is superior makes me puke

If you look at anime in general you will see it's a trend

Look at any game with underaged kids and you will see that artists sexualize the hell out of these 15, 16 year old children. Ryza, the senran girls, pokemon girls, Yuffie, the list goes on.

It's so fucking creepy too. You see it on Any Forums all the time and if you call it out they get defensive over their pedophiliac art. And they deny ever being attracted to children. The sign of a pedophile.

Meanwhile in modern anime

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>People that play gacha games are obnoxious faggots
I would say that I'm shocked but that would make me a lair

It was a different time

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>artists sexualize the hell out of these 15, 16 year old children
15-16 is biologically old enough to breed

Why do they do this shit? You can still clearly tell what the word is.

wtf shadow's house got an anime

Daily reminder that people who lose their shit at drawings are either pedophiles in hiding or child porn pushers who don't want their merchandise to lose value.

Lol next level pedo cope. Whatever helps you sleep at night kiddy diddler

Oh no, not the high school girls that already sexualize themselves on the same app!
Somebody think of the high school childerinos!

The only actual pedophile in here is you. Nobody else would be frothing at the mouth at the thought of pedophiles jacking off to drawings instead of going after actual children. Kill yourself.

alright dude

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many of these posts are unironically made by teenagers
my cousin is like 15-16 and deeply autistic and she showed me how she and her friends went on some tirade on twitter about how underaged kids were being sexualized and im thinking in my head like ok well its literally some generic anime girl that looks like nothing like a kid but then she shows me how this literal random kid replied to her posts saying that they disagree and she was having a meltdown over it

Why didnt you tell her that she was sexier?

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based fuck you goddamn pedophiles, burn in hell lmao Any Forums isnt your echochamber hugbox boo fucking hoo

>Why didnt you tell her that she was sexier?
because i didnt want to be responsible for/be around an unironic autistic meltdown
among other things retarded teenagers will do is talk about how relationships in anime or whatever are "problematic" because of a discrepancy in age causing a "power dynamic" abuse and it turns out that there's like 2 years of age difference and its like ?????
who cares what people on twitter or tiktok think honestly, i dont understand the constant posts here with screencaps
social media makes people think things are more important than they really are
things trend on twitter with a couple thousand tweets when that's literally nothing

You're too much of a coward to breed a 15-year-old, faggot

Make sure you ask for ad-seg when you get locked up. A lot of those guys in prison miss their familys and child abusers really set them off.


Which one of them lost their shit though?
And you still didn't debunk any claims
>Pedophile faggot

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Fuckin secondary faggots. This is why you gatekeep. Imagine being into anime and its aesthetic and freaking out over some loli.

Daily reminder that people who say this are also coping pedos
Lolifags on twitter always resort to your argument and almost always get caught grooming kids on discord or have actual CP
They just don't want anyone looking at them

based pedoslayer

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t. dr pizza
or amirox
How's jail buddy? Is sex hot?