Now that Worms are on sale on Steam rn, what worm game is the best?

Now that Worms are on sale on Steam rn, what worm game is the best?

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Armageddon with community maps

Armageddon, or 4 if you like 3D ones (it's soulful, too bad they no longer make those)

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Armageddon. It's never been surpassed

3D, but nobody plays it. Reloaded is good too, but nobody plays it. The only one people play is Armageddon, which isn't as accessible to newcomers

I love 3D art direction and map design so much

Worms 3D (Ultimate Mayhem on pc) was always my favourite.
Armageddon is the best, simply because it plays the best. I also think it has the best artsyle.

still armageddon

2 and 4

Whats the one where you can build towers and buildings mid fight. I remember playing one like that like 15 years ago. I want to play it again

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Wasn't World Party just Armageddon with more weapons? Why is Armageddon better?

Armageddon is the best, but WMD is good too.

Worms Fort Under Siege
I remember it was glitchy as fuck and the lack of terrain destruction was very lame

There was so much bullshit in some of the single player campaign and it was fucking great.

Updates. Recent ones as well.

I just spent all my time in multiplayer, that bunker map was so much fun. Same for the giant monkey.
And then 4 came out and enjoy your fucking orange empty desert. Still mad

I use to play worms as a kid and tried some of the newer ones and no one plays them. Not only that but they all seem devoid of content. I remember 4 had a shit tone of weapons, maps, campaigns, game modes, and customisation.

I loved 3D on paper but I hated how every campaign map essentially boiled down to finding out how you could kill (at least) one enemy worm each turn calculating the exact weapon and trajectory needed to send them into the water.

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Stay active bros
Someday I'd like to play with you again

Armageddon. World party is good too

I played Worms World Party most
isn't it basically Armageddon but online?

I think Worms 2 is the best one, if you have the weapons editor. I remember it being customizable as fuck.
Armageddon is the one to play with other people online though of course

Why the fuck can’t they just number them 1 2 3 4 etc...?

Back when it released yea but fans have been upgrading Armageddon for 2 decades now

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have they added new weapons?

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Funniest shit for my 9 year old mind

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