Have you ever realized it was mistaking wanting to be a solo indie game dev?

Have you ever realized it was mistaking wanting to be a solo indie game dev?

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Sure, 20 years ago back in the Half-Life and Quake 3 modding days.


Why'd you say that?

Because I think I made that mistake.

Running out of financial funds? Want to start a family?

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Dumb bot is malfunctioning. Op's pic is not asian.

Why even make a game? Who are you making the game for? Most people don't want to make anything that would make another person feel good and you will never make money unless you are shady/luck af

Only because it was supposed to be a hobby project. I can't make any cents for it, despite paying for RPGMV, paying for Tiles DLCs and paying for Music dlcs.

My copycat newfriend does not care about quality, only quantity.
If you check the archives he will open every offtopic thread, post in it and then disappear for hours. Rinse and repeat.
Lacks finesse.

Meself, lad.

Its better to not be a sperg and be a guy who can manage a group of spergs
Without good planning you have nothing anyway

But team or no team, finish what you started no matter how much you hate it. This is why solodev sucks, the board of directors is majority faggot

I prefer the normal Miyeon dude to this abomination.

and this what everyone says but why would you want to make a game for yourself that will never have the quality of the things out there
its like planting a seed to get a tree, a fruit and then a shitty juice instead of going to the supermarket

Thanks! I don't mind it that much, I just wish he put more effort into it.
Funposting is supposed to be about fun.

First it was for myself in the first place. I wanted to get into RPGM dev because there was one H-rpg I really liked and made me think I should try to/or at least attempt to make one..
I don't have any planning skill. I never had good planning. It was supposed to be a short game, but I started my project over 2 years ago, but I kept shifting art, having to re-draw scenes. I released it on itch 2 months ago, but I must make changes to it for various reasons.

it's bad anyway.

Hahaha that's hilarious. Although frame by frame animation with brushes like this would be very jumpy looking. You'd have to be good at it to look good, say, like dacad's work.

You're not supposed to play your game, you make it for the fun of improving and the satisfaction of having finished a project

I hope you didn't fall for the quit your job meme user

It's because there's nothing like it out there and I'm an actual 3D artist.

I did quit my job at Tim for 3 months, full time-wage slaving was killing me, didn't manage to find anything, and I'm stuck back at Tim about 2 weeks ago (but not full time anymore) and I work in an hour.

I have no choice but to try doing everything myself because I have no friends.
I don't even know how to program.