Autumn 2022

>Autumn 2022
>VR still hasn't taken
What went wrong... again?

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>PSVR2 and META Quest 3 are slated for release
>Valve still rumored to be working on a new headset
>Microsoft hiring for AR/VR developments
Uh bros.. I thought you said VR was a gimmick and dead?

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>"lol, who cares about poorfags"
>poorfags are the majority of the world
Gee, I wonder why.

vr was and still is a meme.only tech illiterates thought it was the next big thing.

This is the most jewish marketing tactic ever produced and it's amazing that some people in this board belive it. Marketing telling people that he they will make a "revolution" by buying a product intended for a fucking hobby, and if you don't support it you are "holding the industry behind", no sane adult could belive in such.
There is no "we gamers" community, there is too much genres,too much different approaches, too much different preferences. It was not made for everyone, you didn't made cellphone that connects with the internet anywhere, you didn't made a special oven that uses radiation to heat food in three minutes, you didn't even made a television that shows colors, you made a fucking expensive TOY that works with SOME types of games. Invest on your niche and stop pretending everyone needs it

Blade and Sorcery is very fun, I dont give a fuck about metashit

real vr doesn't exist

That's the problem. Companies have been promising their new shit for years and the industry is almost at a standstill as we all wait for them to finally do it.

VR won't be viable in the mainstream until the equipment is some combination of cheaper and more comfortable. Who wants to buy a console with practically no good games, that costs between 400-1500 to get all the kit that makes it work decently, that you can only play for 30 minutes before you start getting a headache, and which either requires a permanent connection to a high quality pc or gives you 1.5 hours of gaming at early 360 graphics quality?

Nobody wants to strap shit to their head, ever.

Anyone who is selling VR is scamming you or they are completely clueless.

It isn't about gaming. They want to tie virtual and augmented reality into all aspects of human life.

No gaems

Someone post the image of the guy with the VR mouth gag and headset combo

people are lazy. they want "full" VR while sitting in the chair, not goof around the room
it will be shit until we get to matrix level

reminder this is VR's target audience

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it's only good for porn
but most vr sets force you to use a public profile so no one is trusting them enough to use them for porn

They've been trying to make VR a thing since the 80s and it never catches on.

it's more convenient to use a monitor kb+m

no AAA or hugely popular games use VR

I suck bridget's futa cock pretty much every day in vam

VR will never take off until the average consumer sees it as anything more than an expensive toy they would use once for the novelty and then never again

1. Form factor is still a pain, the huge break on your face is one thing, but also factor in having to nail sensors into your walls (or set up ugly stands in the middle of your room) and have a cable tethering you to your PC, and it's a non-starter for 90% of the population. Once headsets are wireless and use gyros+cameras for tracking without requiring external sensors, then maybe it'll appeal to more sane people
2. Lack of games, apart from the same handful of 10 or so games (Beat Saber, Alyx, etc.) there's not a lot of draw. Studios generally don't want to commit to making AAA VR-only experiences due to the lack of market, but until there's a reason for the market to exist, it won't exist, so it's a bit of a deadlock