Xenoblade 3 bread

Shania is cute! CUTE!!

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Ghondor did literally nothing wrong

Ghondwhore is Australian, she is by default wrong.

Reposting from previous thread since it was already near death:

Lads, I've cracked it. I understand exactly what happened in the ending, not only that but it answers questions I've had since the original game came out.

What is the commonality between all Moebius and Ouroboros? The abillity to transform into a bio-mechanical Titan. DJ called Ourobors's version a failed copy of theirs. But, this isn't the first time we've seen this power. In Xenoblade 1, Zanza and Meyneth become Titans that form the game world. In Xenoblade 2 Klaus specifically designs blades to have the abillity to become Titans as part of their natural growth cycle. And in 3 all those Titans form the basis of Aionios. Z and Origin's final form is to become a Titan (in fact the space you fight Z's core is the same as when you fight Zanza, or even going further back when you fight Ouroboros in the original Xenogears). Do you see where I'm going with this? The Titans are ships, not of space or time, they are ships for crossing over dimensions in a Phase Transition Event. When an interlink happens all of the parties memories and thoughts flow through, it is the unconscious thought they are seeing. While in the Titan body the parties are safe in the realm of Imaginary Numbers. Moebius calls Ouroboros a failure because they can only become a Titan by risking an annihilation event. In the end Noah is able to cross over to Alrest because he and Mio are Interlinked, they have a ship that can cross the dimensional gap.

She has the cutest smile~

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Is this what you want?

Is this why you're here?

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>Xenogears ends with Elly and Fei being reunited through Xenogears
>Xenoblade 3 ends with Noah disappearing because he most likely interlinked with Mio again
>Glorious Wing is one of Noah's Ouroboros arts

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Ashera is for Oleg only

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Oh shit, I forgot about that. Also
>The Interlinks are called forth whenever they feel strong emotions
>In the final battle Fei materializes Xenogears through his emotions

It really is all connected

And the flute sounds in the ending of 3 are likely Noah and Mio feeling each other's intense emotions which in turn links them again
So two other pairs will likely reunite a bit later too, just like they interlinked a few days after Noah and Mio.

Is Ino based on any flower?

On Monado flower



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When does he disappear

In the epilogue cutscene, when he hears the Agnian offseeing tune the camera shifts to show the whole square and a flock of pigeons obscures the shot, when they pass Noah is gone.

In the post-credit cutscene, after he hears Mio's tune and starts smiling, dove obscures him for a split second and he's gone from the plaza.

You are a nintendo employee, and have been tasked with choosing which nintendo character will appear in a Xenoblade 3 crossover DLC as a hero and classes. Who do you choose ?
>Link has he appear in Tears of the Kingdom
>Toothpaste kun/chan from FE engage
>Samus as she appear in Metroid Dread

Shaniaposters are far more cancerous than mingeposters ever were

Dame Alex's 6th term ass....

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I'm a Nintendo employee? No choice, it can only be toothpaste chan.

Which Shania is your favorite?

>Shy, meek and soft-spoken
>Impassive and sullen, always having a frown
>Smug and condensing
>Maniacal and melodramatic

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Metroid Dread has the best basic suit in the entire franchise

>What people would expect it to be
>What it would be
>What it should be

You bitch about Shania in every single thread. It's honestly very amusing.

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short > long

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But Mio herself comes to adore long hair.

It's funny because this is the 2nd time I've ever brought her up.
You must assume everyone that rightfully shits on her is the same person.


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