How do have fun in this game? I barely made it to the tutorial dungeon and I am already bored

how do have fun in this game? I barely made it to the tutorial dungeon and I am already bored

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kys, you have school in 2 hours

gets fun from about 3-5 hours in

stealth archery

you just kind of go with it if you can tolerate the gameplay and like open world games. Theres never any particularly exciting parts
bethesda games are mcdonalds of videogames. Bland but kind of convenient

Game is a little slow to start but once you get the Dragonstone and fight your first dragon it's a non-stop thrill ride to the end. Greatest game ever made.

coming from Elden Ring, the combat is just so dull aswell as the story and enemy variety. its fun to explore the open world but any cave or fortress just feels like collecting potions and gems and kill bandits for no reason

You mod the game as base Sneedrim is dry as fuck

Autistically planning out a background/personality for my characters, modding in quest mods, armor, weapons and followers best associated with this autistic background plan, and going into the world with this character I made while being fully aware that it will never able to really come to fruition, but its still fun.

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turn everyone into a female, give them huge futa cocks and install 'rape on defeat' mods

it took 700 mods for me to have fun in this game

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You alt+f4 and play Oblivion instead

well millennials shat their pants over this in 2011
you can try modding but in my experience its just polishing the turd. Get perk and enchantment overhauls at least
alternatively become a coombrain like this guy

You have to install mods, especially for melle combat

Read books. Talk to everyone. Avoid radiant quests and caves unless a quest directs you there. Explore everything else. Get the haste and time stop shouts asap. Play morrowind instead.

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>Play morrowind instead.
The guy is whining that the game isn't exactly like Elden Ring. You think he's going to like Morrowind?

Smoke a fat blunt, put on a VR headset and immerse yourself. After installing some coomer mods

The gameplay is barebones at best. Skyrim is mostly a construction set for people to make their own fun with mods. If you're not autistic enough for that, it's kinda shit.

It's a modding platform, don't bother playing vanilla even on your first time. It's like a 5/10 game at best vanilla.


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any mods you recommend for a first time ?

code patch, that's it

Skyrim is best played vanilla. Mods are for coomers.

No, that's what 110 enchanting skill looks like.

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no such gloves exist in the vanilla game

he's fast!

what does that have to do with it

>all characters occupy same game world
>have them all join custom guild over time
>skills dont give xp and are capped based on level
>tons of additional radiant/mod quests
>unleveled world
fun time

>it's modded
>no it isn't
>these gloves don't exist in the vanilla game

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No stealth anything
Join only one guild and roleplay

>he has black gloves so this vanilla game mechanic isn't happening!
just trying to understand your reasoning here